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“Lex Tusk”. After the president’s decision, Krzysztof Pyrć left the National Development Council

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Professor Krzysztof Pyrć left the presidential National Development Council. As he argues, he made the decision after President Andrzej Duda signed the act on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence, i.e. the so-called lex Tusk. “The drastic violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, in my opinion, and the fact that the party’s cause is above the raison d’état force me to make the decision to resign,” the professor wrote.

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The virologist, Professor Krzysztof Pyrć, informed about his decision in social media. The entry was accompanied by a quote from the poem “The Power of Taste” by Zbigniew Herbert.

“I cannot remain passive”

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“Dear Mr. President, all my life I have tried to be guided by values ​​and take responsibility for my words and actions. In the face of a pandemic, regardless of my personal beliefs and political preferences, I stood on the front line, often inadvertently authorizing controversial decisions and often suffering for it personal responsibility,” he wrote in a letter to the president posted on Twitter.

“I decided that raison d’état was more important than my personal interests or views. In good faith, I also accepted the request to join the National Development Council at the President of the Republic of Poland, recognizing that in the face of the dramatic situation of the Polish Health Service and Science and Biomedicine, inaction is tantamount to acting to the detriment of the homeland,” he added.

“However, in the face of the President’s signing of the act, which makes it possible to destroy freedom and democracy in the name of party interests, I cannot remain passive. In my opinion, a drastic violation of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and putting party reasons above raison d’état force me to decide to resign from the participation of the National Development Council” – argued the professor.

National Development Council

As it states on its website the office of President, The National Development Council is a forum for a consultative and advisory debate at the President of the Republic of Poland. Its task is to “create a platform for a programmatic debate on the development of the Republic of Poland”. It consists of nine councils that bring together experts, theoreticians and practitioners representing various environments and specializations, and provide expert and advisory facilities for the president in the indicated thematic areas. Prof. Pyrć was previously a member of the health protection council.

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