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“Lex Tusk” bogged down in parliament. “The ruling party is in no hurry”

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There will be expert analyses, opinions of lawyers and a debate in the Senate on the presidential amendment to “lex Tusk”. The bill will not pass the Senate before mid-July. The deadline for the commission’s report – September 17 – seems completely unrealistic. PiS doesn’t seem to mind.

The next session of the Senate starts, but the president’s amendments to the “lex Tusk” act are not on the agenda. The Sejm adopted the amendment six days ago. Instead of immediately going to the Senate, it was lying on Marshal Witek’s desk. Why? – They are trying to evacuate through the back door – believes Tomasz Grodzki, the Speaker of the Senate from PO. The Senate will add its own, because it will not be in a hurry to proceed with “lex Tusk 2.0”. – This is an object of shame. We all know very well, so there is no rush to consider it at an extraordinary pace – says Bogdan Zdrojewski, PO senator.

Senate committees want to meet at least three times, order expert opinions and listen to lawyers. Presidential amendments will not come out of the Senate quickly. The senators will not help the president because, as independent senator Vadim Tyszkiewicz admits, there is no need to help someone who breaks the constitution. The majority of the Senate is in no hurry, because it believes that the act – formally introducing a commission for examining Russian influence – will de facto be a commission for breaking the biographies of PiS opponents. The president’s amendments remove the 10-year ban on holding public office, give the possibility of appealing to the court and exclude the presence of deputies or senators on the commission, but the commission will still be able to accuse politicians of being an agent of Russian influence just before the elections.

Przydacz on Lex Tusk: the commission should start working as soon as possibleTVN24

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Deliberate delay?

– This committee should not arouse great emotions – says Marek Ast, PiS MP. However, the commission raises emotions, and it’s huge. Marcin Bosacki from PO directly calls it a “knyf”, meaning from the Poznań dialect an ambush and a trick. The vote in the Senate is scheduled for July 13, then the bill will return to the lower house and, quite by chance, the sitting of the Sejm will end on that day, so the deputies will not have time to address the position of the upper house. The next session of the Sejm will be held on July 28. The PiS commission will therefore start working in August at the earliest, but the opposition says that this is a deliberate action. – The ruling party is not in a hurry – thinks Tomasz Grodzki. Before, it was in a hurry, and very fast. The commission could act today – without the president’s amendments. – The impetus was absolutely there, because the presidential amendment was considered immediately – adds Marek Ast.

There are no members of the committee. In the meantime, the infringement procedure was initiated by the European Commission, and the law was criticized by the United States. Opposition to the law brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, and PiS seemed to slow down with impetus. – Perhaps (PiS – editor’s note) wants to withdraw from this act – guesses Adam Szejnfeld, PO senator. Officially, this is not the case, but the deadline for preparing the report before the elections is becoming less and less realistic for PiS – perhaps at the request of PiS itself.

Main photo source: Tomasz Golla/PAP

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