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“Lex Tusk”. Kwasniewski: This is a complete loss

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To do something such that I sign it on Monday and submit the amendment on Friday, and in the meantime I submit it to the Constitutional Tribunal for follow-up review, is indicative of some complete confusion or some powerful influence that must have taken place – as in “Kropka nad i” there were President Aleksander Kwaśniewski commented on the actions of President Andrzej Duda regarding the act called “lex Tusk”.

President Andrzej Duda signed the initiative on May 29 PIS the act on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence on the internal security of the Republic of Poland in the years 2007-2022, called “lex Tusk”. He announced that he would refer it to the Constitutional Tribunal as a follow-up review.

On May 30, the act was published in the Journal of Laws and entered into force on May 31. Shortly afterwards, on June 2, the president announced the preparation of a draft amendment to this act, and on the same day the draft was submitted to the Sejm.

Kwasniewski: it’s about spitting on opposition people

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The president’s actions were commented on by the former president in “Kropka nad i”. Aleksander Kwasniewski. – This is a complete confusion, completely frivolous, also for the institution of the president – he said. – To do something like that on Monday, and on Friday I submit the amendment, in the meantime, I still refer it to the Constitutional Tribunal for follow-up control, this indicates some complete confusion or some powerful influence that must have taken place between Monday and Friday – he added.

– I am sure that the commission will start. It’s about spitting on Tusk, spitting on people from the opposition, (Waldemar – ed.) Pawlak, (Radosław – ed.) Sikorski and others, so that the mud would stick. So that they would have to explain themselves and not be able to run a normal campaign (electoral – ed.) – said Kwaśniewski.

Aleksander Kwasniewski in “Kropka nad i”TVN24

The former president said that “PiS knows it’s in trouble” because winning the election will be “more difficult for this party than four years ago”, and therefore, according to the guest of “Kropki nad i”, “it must use all the resources it has”. – The entanglement (of the opposition – ed.) in the “mud campaign” is one of the goals – he added.

Kwasniewski: methods from other systems are used

Aleksander Kwasniewski described the creation of such a commission as “catastrophic for the image of Poland”. – If the president, who has been in office for the seventh or eighth year, says that he did not have adequate information from the secret services, intelligence, counterintelligence, regarding the involvement of politicians or decisions that could be taken in an improper manner, it means that the state and institutions not working, he said.

– All documentation is on the side of the authorities. There are protocols, there are documents, there are stenographic records of various conversations, there are notes. If someone really wanted to deal with it, there are institutions authorized to do so, and it can be done within the framework of the law, but that’s not what this is about, he said.

Kwasniewski was asked whether the creation of the commission could be prevented by pressure from the European Commission. – The stake and determination of winning the elections on the side of PiS is so great that they are already waving their hand at (EU – ed.) money. There is no need to talk about opinions anymore, because they do not care about a good opinion Poland in the European Union or in the world at all. What’s even more interesting is that they don’t care about money anymore. They believe that what the EU does not give, they will print for themselves. Regardless of the inflationary effects.

The former president also stated that when creating a “committee of wetboys”, “methods from other systems are used”. – This is crossing any boundaries, both unconstitutionality and political decency. It is a recognition that the fight is to the death, so we can use methods that will only work. Regardless of the fact that it is unlawful, unconstitutional, he added.

Main photo source: TVN24

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