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“Lex Tusk”. Machińska: my students are wringing their hands over this bill

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President Andrzej Duda decided to sign the act establishing a commission for examining Russian influence, called “lex Tusk”. – It is unimaginable, because my students, not from the law department, wring their hands over this law, they say: it simply violates our rights, the president must know that – Hanna Machińska, lawyer, social activist, commented in “Fakty po Faktach” former Deputy Ombudsman.

The commission for examining Russian influences, which is to be established under the act called “lex Tusk”, is to operate on principles similar to the functioning of the verification commission for reprivatization in Warsaw. Decisions it could take include, among others, a ban on performing functions related to the disposal of public funds for up to 10 years and the withdrawal and banning of security clearance for 10 years.


The opposition claims that this is an unconstitutional regulation aimed at them. Among others, Janusz Kowalski from Sovereign Poland admitted that he hoped that “the effect of the commission’s work will be to put Donald Tusk before the State Tribunal.

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Machińska: This law is one big flaw

Hanna Machińska drew attention to the problem of the “circle of persons covered by the act” who may become victims of the commission’s activities. – It can touch the media, it can touch us, it can touch those who help at the border – she said. She added that the law directly results in the threat of depriving someone of the passive electoral right.

Among the threats related to the act, the lawyer also mentioned the commission’s right to disclose personal data without the knowledge and consent of those concerned, depriving citizens of the right to defense and the possibility of releasing doctors and lawyers from professional secrecy. – It is impossible to list the three main defects of this act, this act is a defect, it is some crazy idea that places us definitely in the 1950s and definitely in the East – she said.

Hanna Machińska in “Fakty po Faktach”TVN24

The former deputy ombudsman reminded that the president Andrzej Duda, who signed “lex Tusk”, is a doctor of law. – It is unimaginable because my students, not from the law faculty, wring their hands over this bill, they say: it simply violates our rights, the president must know that – she said.

– It is so shocking, I do not remember, in 50 years, because I will soon celebrate 50 years from the moment of graduating from the law faculty, that we would have to deal with such a law – she added.

Machińska: there was an unusual commotion in Brussels around this law

Machińska reported that in Brussels, during the talks on the law on the EU forum, there was “extraordinary excitement”, and the foreign politicians debating it “knew this law”. – They asked: what are you doing in Poland? What’s going on? she added.

“The aim was confusion, it was destabilization, it was to undermine our sense of security. Everyone can be there. (…) This commission can be absolutely used to destroy people – she said, adding that we are dealing with “a dangerous moment when the state manifests its power against citizens”, when “the power must be a state that acts on the basis of constitutional standards and European standards.

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