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Lex Tusk. Marek Ast: the commission for examining Russian influences will not be appointed in this term of the Sejm

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Marek Ast, a member of the presidium of the PiS club, said that in the current term of office of the Sejm, it will not be possible to appoint a commission to investigate Russian influences. The act adopted in this matter is referred to as “lex Tusk”. Ast added that the appointment of the committee would be the task of the Sejm of the next term.

Ast was asked on Friday in the PAP Studio about when a commission to investigate the influence would be appointed Russia for the internal security of Poland in 2007-2022, said that the amendment to the act prepared by the president, which entered into force at the beginning of August, delayed the appointment of the commission.

This has shortened the time it took for us to set up the committee. Madam Speaker of the Sejm Elizabeth Witek did not decide to set a deadline for submitting candidatures (…) We know that the committee was supposed to start its activity in the current term of the Sejm anyway, and continue in the next term, so it will probably remain a task for the next term of the Sejm to implement this act and appoint the committee – he said.

Politician PIS when asked why the deadline for submitting candidacies was delayed, he replied that when the opposition announced that it would not submit its candidates, the marshal would be obliged to set another deadline for supplementing the committee. – So you can already see here that there is no such possibility, because there will be no further meeting during the election campaign in September, so I think that the new composition of the High Chamber will select members of the verification committee – he assessed.

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When asked whether the commission would be appointed in the current term of office, Ast replied in the negative.

Lex Tusk

On May 31, the law on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence on the internal security of the Republic of Poland in 2007-2022 entered into force, which President Andrzej Duda signed a few days earlier, announcing that it would be referred to the Constitutional Tribunal. Then, on June 2, he submitted a draft amendment to this act to the Sejm.

Later, the Sejm overruled the Senate’s objection to the presidential amendment to the law on the commission for examining Russian influence, and then Andrzej Duda signed it.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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