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Lex Tusk. Michał Kamiński (PSL) comments on the assumptions of the commission for examining Russian influence

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The Sejm appointed nine members of the lex Tusk commission. All of them were reported by PiS. The sense of appointing the committee at the last session of the Sejm was commented on by the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Michał Kamiński from PSL, in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24. – In this matter, the opposition, Donald Tusk and other politicians have really little to blame themselves – he assessed.

Konrad Piasecki’s guest on Thursday was the Deputy Speaker of the Senate, Michał Kamiński (Polish Coalition, Third Road), who was asked about the commission to investigate Russian influence, known as “lex Tusk”. – I don’t think it will work (before elections – ed.), because I have the impression that the ruling camp is perfectly aware that the fight against Russian influence in Poland is, in short, a double-edged sword – he replied.

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– On this matter, the opposition Donald Tusk and other politicians have really little to complain about. You can say this: the entire Polish political scene, Donald Tusk, Lech Kaczynski, all. We had some illusions at the beginning of the 2000s as to whether it was possible to arrange relations with Russia – he mentioned.

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In his opinion, “many politicians tried to arrange relations with Russia, and many politicians today regret it and believe that that stage of the entire history of Western Europe is behind us.”

– However, the policy of the current government is different – it did not try to establish relations with Russia, but simply allowed Russia to earn huge amounts of money from Poland. If today you are asking the editor about Russian influence in Poland, I have a question: where is our diplomacy after the statement of the Holy Father, Pope Francis? – He asked.

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He noted that “we have special diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and the Pope is insulting Polish history by telling young Russians today that they should imitate the imperial policy of Peter I and Catherine.”

– Where is our diplomacy, which is supposed to get up from its knees? Why don’t we tell the Vatican that Poles look differently and do not consider, I quote the Holy Father, the Russian Empire as the holy Russian Empire? Because Poles fought against this “holy Russian Empire” – he noted.

Michał Kamiński in “Piasecki’s Conversation”TVN24

Kamiński: Jaroslaw Kaczyński is very panicked

Kamiński was further asked about the candidates for committee members proposed by PiS. – Today, very few things are happening in Poland beyond the knowledge and will of Jarosław Kaczyński, let’s not even talk about it Law and Justice, because it is not a party that has any real authorities, collegial authorities. In Poland, power rests in the hands of one man. And whatever Jarosław Kaczyński decides on this matter, they (commission members – ed.) will roughly do – he said.

– It seems to us that Jarosław Kaczyński is so confident and thinks he has won, but he is very panicked – he said. – Before him today is the same moment that occurred in Vladimir Putin’s life after Prigozhin’s rebellion. It was known that he had to take revenge on Prigozhin somehow, and he did. Today, Kaczyński has a very important moment ahead of him in organizing the PiS lists, he recalled.

He reminded that to this day we do not know the lists of the ruling party in the elections, which will be held in just over 40 days. – This will be the Prigozhin moment for many Law and Justice politicians when they realize that the plane is going down and they are not on the lists or they are in 15th place with a limit of PLN 1,000 – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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