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Lex Tusk. Professor Krzysztof Pyrć and Professor Julita Wasilczuk left the presidential councils. They explain why

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The adoption of the Lex Tusk Act was a step too far towards a world with which I do not identify at all, said Professor Krzysztof Pyrć, who resigned from the National Development Council under the President of the Republic of Poland, in “Fakty po Faktach”. Professor Julita Wasilczuk, who also resigned from the presidential council, said that Andrzej Duda’s signature “finally overflowed the cup of bitterness that had been growing for a long time.”

President Andrzej Duda signed an act on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence, i.e. the so-called lex Tusk. He also announced that it would be referred to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Due to the president’s decision, the following people resigned from membership in the presidential councils: a professor at the Gdańsk University of Technology Julita Wasilczuk from membership in the Entrepreneurship Council and a professor Krzysztof Pyrć from the National Development Council. They were both guests of “Fakty po Faktach” on Thursday.

Prof. Wasilczuk: the president’s signature finally overflowed the cup of bitterness

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– This signature finally overflowed the cup of bitterness that had been building in me for a long time. Placing this signature so quickly, ignoring the statements of many constitutionalists who pointed to the shortcomings of this law, undermines the democratic foundations of our state, the more so that it is happening at a time when we are entering probably the hottest pre-election period – said Professor Julita Wasilczuk, explaining her decisions.

She noted that she was “in favor of screening politicians, anyone, for improper contacts with the services of foreign countries, but not at this time.”

– If the current authorities wanted to screen the ranks of politicians, they could have done it in the last eight years. They had the full right to do so and full legitimacy in the Sejm. I find it inelegant to do so at this time.

Professor Wasilczuk: This signature finally overflowed the cup of bitternessTVN24

Prof. Pyrć: a step too far towards a world with which I do not completely identify

Professor Krzysztof Pyrć emphasized that “probably all the people who resigned in recent days were guided by a very similar motivation.” He added that the adoption of the law was “a step too far into a world with which I do not completely identify.” – A world that is far from democratic countries, from civilization as we know it, as I value it – he noted.

– A bit as an expression of civil opposition, I decided to resign from participation in the council – said the TVN24 guest.

The professor added that “this is a very big inconvenience for all of us.” – Few people realize that these types of bodies are not bodies that are made up of politicians. These are purely substantive bodies, where wonderful people work, who in fact work completely pro publico bono for the benefit of the state – he explained.

– People who are specialists in a certain field have to make de facto political decisions. It was doubly difficult, because I had to step out of my role as a scientist (…) and make a decision – he pointed out.

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