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“Lex Tusk” signed by President Andrzej Duda. “This is the absolute destruction of everything he has achieved in some way”

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“Lex Tusk” comes into force. An exchange of names of potential members of the commission appointed under the act has been launched. In protest against the signing of “lex Tusk” by President Andrzej Duda, more people leave the presidential councils, and the head of state’s doctorate promoter says he is ashamed.

– I am ashamed of such a person who did his doctorate with me – says Andrzej Duda’s thesis supervisor, Professor Jan Zimmermann from the Department of Administrative Law at the Jagiellonian University. This is what the president could have expected, because this is not the first such harsh criticism from his promoter. Professor Zimmermann unequivocally separates the assessment of the personal – as he says – decision of the president and the act itself. – What he did (the president – editor’s note) is disgraceful. What he did is fatal. It is an absolute destruction of everything that he has achieved in some way in his career. He crossed it all out. This bill is immoral because it directly targets the opposition. That she wants to destroy this opposition before the elections – Professor Zimmermann adds.

Dozens of law professors, lawyers and constitutionalists enumerate which was analyzed by the Konkret24 portal – that the law passed by PiS and signed by the president, and which entered into force on Wednesday – violates the constitution in as many as 17 of its articles. These include the right to a fair and open court, an article on obtaining and sharing information about citizens and on the fact that public authorities act in accordance with the law. – We haven’t had such unanimity among experts and lawyers for a long time – believes Marcin Wiącek, the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Przymusiński: this commission is an unprecedented body in a democratic country, with unprecedented competencesTVN24

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Criticism from the ministry

None of these authorities in the field of law impress Minister Czarnek. – The meanness of professors who are employed at Polish universities and who do not see the Polish interest is enormous – assesses the Minister of Education and Science. Przemysław Czarnek insults and even threatens professors who dared to criticize the president for – in their opinion – signing a bill that is incompatible with Polish law and harmful to Poland. – He is openly against the President of the Republic of Poland. This is something that will have to be dealt with absolutely in the next term of office, because these are the rude attitudes of the so-called professors. Because they are no longer professors. They have titles, they have higher education, but they do not have the basic, cultural, pro-Polish one – adds Czarnek.

Let the answer to these words of the Minister of Education and Science be the subsequent decisions of professors who, in protest against the president’s decision, leave the group of advisers sitting on the councils appointed by Andrzej Duda. – (President’s decision – editor’s note) was shocking for us. Yesterday we had a meeting of our council and these were the voices. Not only from my mouth, but also from the mouths of other members – says Professor Julita Wasilczuk, economist and former member of the Council for Entrepreneurship at the President of the Republic of Poland.

"Our soldiers are deployed to defend values".  Americans react to the signing of the bill "lex Tusk"

“Our soldiers are deployed to defend values.” Americans react to the signing of the law “lex Tusk”Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

“It’s about a lie”

Politicians from the ruling camp announce that within the next two weeks they will present a list of their candidates for members of the PiS commission to track Russian influence. Each of them will be paid about PLN 16,000. The chairman of the committee will be appointed by the prime minister. Sławomir Cenckiewicz is one of the most frequently mentioned names in this context. – He would be a very good candidate. Without a doubt, says Piotr Müller, government spokesman.

– It’s a lie. Another lie. Just as for many years they sufled the Smolensk lie, now they will suflate the Putin lie – assesses the activities of PiS and the president, Borys Budka, MP from PO.

The commission is due to start working at the end of June.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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