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Lex Tusk. The deadline for submitting candidates to the committee on Russian influence set by the Marshal of the Sejm has passed

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The Law and Justice Club nominated nine people to the commission for examining Russian influence, no other parliamentary club proposed candidates, said the director of the Sejm Information Center. The act adopted in this matter is referred to as “lex Tusk”. European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand warned that if the commission “takes action in the context of the upcoming elections”, the EC may decide to take the next step in the infringement procedure.

The director of the Sejm Information Center, Andrzej Grzegrzółka, said that the Law and Justice club had nominated nine people to the commission for examining Russian influence, and no other parliamentary club had nominated candidates. Opposition parties have already announced that they will not nominate their candidates.

Candidates PIS to the committee – according to sources of the Polish Press Agency in PiS – are: the director of the Military Historical Bureau Slawomir CenckiewiczProfessor Advisor to the President Andrzej Zybertowiczchairman of the Security and Defense Council of the President of the Republic of Poland, professor Przemysław Żurawski aka Grajewski and Lukasz Cigotura, Michal Wojnowski, Marek Czeszkiewicz, Marek Szymaniak, Arkadiusz Pulawski and Andrew Kowalski.

The parliament will resume its session on Wednesday

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Previously, the head of the parliamentary justice committee and human rights Marek Ast announced that “it is possible that during the session of the Sejm on August 30, if there are candidates, a decision will be made. choice committee members.”

The Sejm is to resume its session interrupted in mid-August on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Voice from Brussels

European Commission spokesman Christian Wigand was asked about the commission on Tuesday.

He reminded that the EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, sent a letter to the Polish Minister for European Affairs on July 21 regarding the law on this commission.

“The Commissioner in this letter clarified that even if the amendments to the law bring a number of improvements, the amended law will still raise serious concerns as to its compliance with European Union law, if the commission takes action and launches inspections or investigations in the context of the elections,” he said. .

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– We appealed to the Polish authorities not to take such steps. This is what is expressed in this letter, which also states that if the special committee takes action in the context of the upcoming elections, the European Commission will not hesitate to take the next step in the infringement procedure, he added.

EC spokesman on “lex Tusk”EBS

“Lex Tusk”

On May 31, the law on the establishment of a commission for examining Russian influence on the internal security of the Republic of Poland in 2007-2022 entered into force, which the president signed a few days earlier, announcing at the same time that it would be referred to the Constitutional Tribunal. Then on June 2 Andrzej Duda submitted a draft amendment to the Act in the Sejm. The Sejm passed it on June 16. Later, the Sejm rejected the Senate’s objection to the presidential amendment, and Andrzej Duda signed it.

According to the presidential amendment, parliamentarians will not be able to sit in the commission for examining Russian influence, the countermeasures previously included in the act have been abolished (including a ban on performing functions related to disposing of public funds for a period of up to 10 years), and the main subject of the commission will be the recognition that the person does not guarantee proper performance of activities in the public interest. An appeal against the commission’s decision is to be lodged with the Court of Appeal in Warsaw.

Pursuant to the Act, the committee is composed of 9 members in the rank of secretary of state appointed and dismissed by the Sejm. The right to propose to the Marshal of the Sejm no more than 9 candidates for committee members shall be vested in each deputies’ or parliamentary club within the time limit indicated by the marshal.

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