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Lex TVN. Former head of the National Broadcasting Council, Jan Dworak, about the purchase of TVN by the Scripps Network in 2015

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During the discussion about lex TVN at the meeting of Senate committees on Monday, the former head of the National Broadcasting Council, Jan Dworak, spoke about the situation in 2015, when the American company Scripps Network was buying TVN. – The case was unambiguous, the transaction complies with the legal status that is currently in force – he emphasized. He added that since then, none of the fears of KRRiT members regarding the acquisition of the station by an American company have been confirmed.

Connected on Monday Senate committees dealt with lex TVN and were in favor of rejecting the bill in its entirety. During the session, many experts, lawyers and constitutionalists spoke critically about the regulations adopted by the Sejm.

Meeting of Senate committees on lex TVNPAP / Tomasz Gzell

Former head of the National Broadcasting Council about the purchase of TVN by the Scripps Network

The following spoke, among others, Jan Dworak, chairman of the National Broadcasting Council in 2010-2016. – It was in my time, in 2015, that the owners of TVN decided to sell TVN – he reminded.

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– Representatives of the buyers from the (American) Scripps group came to the National Council. We were seriously considering this transaction. After a short legal analysis, it turned out that the case is completely unambiguous and in accordance with the current legal status, such a transaction is permissible. Therefore, we talked with representatives of Scripps, emphasizing that the new owners should maintain what is most important in the station, i.e. its credibility, impartiality and that it should be immersed in the mainstream of Polish social life, so that journalists have the opportunity to carry out their mission Dworak recalled.

He admitted that the members of the Council “looked with some concern at what would happen next with TVN and all channels of this broadcaster”. – It turned out after six years that none of our fears was confirmed. On the contrary. TVN is one of the leading television broadcasters. It fulfills its function especially through broadcasts and information channels – he said.

Dworak: TVN fulfills its broadcasting mission in a way that is extremely important to the public

He emphasized that “TVN24 is the most-watched news program in Poland because of what it represents, journalistic values, inquisitiveness and impartiality”. – TVN fulfills its mission of the broadcaster – without any doubts – in a way that does not only violate the law, but also in a way that is extremely important for Polish public opinion – assessed the former head of the National Broadcasting Council.

In his opinion, lex TVN “can only be rejected.”


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