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Lex TVN. Stanisław Karczewski on how he will vote in the Senate on the anti-TVN law

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The anti-TVN law, after being passed by the Sejm, is waiting for the Senate’s decision. Stanisław Karczewski, PiS senator and former speaker of the upper house announced in “One for One” that he would vote “for”. He also commented on the words of President Andrzej Duda, who signaled that he could veto this law.

On August 11, the Sejm adopted the anti-TVN law. It was supported by 228 MPs, with 216 votes against and 10 abstentions. In the unanimous opinion of commentators, the new regulations, the draft of which were submitted to the Sejm by Law and Justice MPs, are aimed at the independence of TVN. Many journalists, politicians and institutions protested against the changes in the media law. The regulations are now pending before the Senate.

A group of 52 senators, ie the majority in the upper house of parliament, in a statement presented on Wednesday, announced that it would not support the anti-TVN bill.


Terlecki comments on the announcement of 52 senators that they will not support the anti-TVN billTVN24

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Karczewski on the anti-TVN act

Senator of Law and Justice, Stanisław Karczewski, asked on Friday in “One for One” how he would behave in this matter, replied that he would vote “for”. He added that “an amendment is prepared to eliminate concerns about the future of TVN24”.

Marek Suski, MP of Law and Justice, announced that the amendment would be proposed. The idea is that broadcasters who have satellite licenses do not have to meet the requirement of a maximum of 49 percent of capital from outside the European Economic Area.

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Karczewski said that if the amendment and the entire bill were rejected, “we will see what will be its fate in the Sejm”.

Karczewski on the president’s words: I do not want to comment

The former Speaker of the Senate was asked why President Andrzej Duda is signaling that he will veto the bill, saying that “the president makes decisions on his own”. – I do not want to comment on what the president says. It is not 100% certain whether these statements by the president are really about vetoing, he added.

The president, commenting on the anti-TVN law on government television on Tuesday, said that it was “a very controversial solution that is incomprehensible to our American partners”. He also assessed that the “repolonization of the media” should take place on the market.

Karczewski: I am not in favor of introducing restrictions for people who are not vaccinated against COVID-19TVN24

Karczewski on restrictions for those unvaccinated against COVID-19

The Senator, a former Senate speaker who is also a doctor, addressed the issue of vaccination against COVID-19. When asked if he thought that now was the time to introduce the French model for unvaccinated people, for example a ban on entering public places such as cinemas, restaurants, he replied that “he does not think so”. – I am not a supporter of such restrictions – he added.

He noted, however, that he is a supporter of vaccinations. – I want people vaccinated. I got the flu vaccine myself in this office, ‘he added. – I promoted vaccinations, I will promote – emphasized Stanisław Karczewski.

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