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Leżajsk Brewery. Grupa Żywiec has announced closure, former politician Janusz Palikot is interested in repurchasing the Leżajsk brewery

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Grupa Żywiec has announced a plan to close the brewery in Leżajsk in the Podkarpackie Voivodship. However, there is interest in repurchasing the brewery. Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina signed a confidentiality agreement regarding the asset purchase process, “thereby confirming its formal interest and willingness to participate in the acquisition of Browar Leżajsk” – reported in Tuesday’s announcement. The president of the management board of Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina is a former politician, Janusz Palikot.

Grupa Żywiec February 7 this year. announced that it plans to end production at Browar Leżajsk. As announced, this is to take place in June 2023. In recent weeks, however, there have been reports of interest in repurchasing the brewery in Leżajsk.

“We are at a very early stage of the process of potential sale of assets in Leżajsk. We have received declarations of initial interest in submitting an offer. It is too early to call these proposals offers” – informed TVN24 Biznes on Friday Magdalena Brzezińska from Grupa Żywiec SA

The company did not provide any further details. “We will not comment on the details of this process because it is confidential. Those interested in participating in the process are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, which is normal practice in such processes” – explained Brzezińska.

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One of the companies that signed such an agreement is Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina.

Janusz Palikot on interest in purchasing Browar Leżajsk

As reported in Tuesday’s announcement, Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina on Monday signed “the NDA provided by the advisor of Grupa Żywiec, thus confirming its formal interest and willingness to participate in the acquisition of Browar Leżajsk”.

“We have signed the document and we are waiting for further information on further steps. I would like to warn you that such a process requires time to familiarize yourself with the legal, technical and organizational conditions of the operating brewery, which is Browar Leżajsk” – he said, quoted in the release, Janusz Palikot. The former politician also pointed out that it is not known how many “interested people will investigate the condition of the Brewery, because the more volunteers, the more time is needed”.

“We do not yet know what may ultimately be the subject of the planned transaction – whether only infrastructure or also trademark rights, as well as what the price expectations will be. But one thing is certain, Manufaktura’s offer is serious and I confirm that we are interested in closing this transaction with success” – emphasized Janusz Palikot.

“We will consider all offers”

Manufaktura Piwa Wódki i Wina in its earlier communiqué, published at the beginning of March, in which it announced its interest in repurchasing the brewery in Leżajsk for the first time, set two conditions – leaving the production lines and the Leżajsk beer brand. Grupa Żywiec announced that the Leżajsk brand would remain in the company’s portfolio, but its production would continue in other breweries.

“We will consider all offers that we receive, regardless of their scope” – noted Magdalena Brzezińska from Grupa Żywiec SA, in relation to TVN24 Biznes’s question about the conditions.

Simon Amor, President of the Management Board of Grupa Żywiec, emphasized in the February announcement that “the decision to end production at Browar Leżajsk was made after a thorough analysis and is part of the transformation towards a strong, sustainable and future-proof supply chain”.

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