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Leżajsk: He was riding a bicycle, someone cut off his hand. He just got out of the hospital

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He was riding a bicycle, he was attacked with a sharp instrument in his left hand. The 21-year-old from Leżajsk (Podkarpackie Province) was taken to a hospital in Kraków, where doctors sewed his severed hand over for several hours. The man has just been released home.

Last Monday (September 20), 21-year-old Maks lost his hand as a result of the attack around 10 p.m. – We received a report from a man who informed that his left hand was cut off as a result of an attack by an unknown perpetrator. An investigation team was sent to the scene – said Tomasz Potejko, a spokesman for the police in Leżajsk.

According to the prosecutor’s office, a motorcyclist cut off the 21-year-old’s hand with a sharp-edged tool. Immediately after that, he departed in an unknown direction. The victim claimed that he did not recognize the attacker and did not know why he was attacked.


Already a day after the operation, he was moving his fingers

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The 21-year-old went to the Specialist Hospital of Ludwik Rydygier in Krakow. Doctors there performed “one of the most difficult operations”. The operation was conducted under the direction of Dr. Anna Chrapusty – an outstanding specialist in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery. – The operation lasted seven hours. As I heard from Dr. Chrapusty, the patient reportedly moves his fingers gently, but it is too early to judge whether the operation has been successful. The next few days will be crucial – reported the TVN24 reporter Mateusz Półchłopek.

Now the man has left the hospital and returned home.

Although the man’s condition and prognosis are good, doctors prefer to be careful about this. With this type of surgery, it cannot be fully assumed that the hand will be fully functional – a situation in which the patient regains fitness enough to be able to work can be considered a success. Dr. Chrapusta emphasized, however, that Maks had good blood supply and tissue condition from the first day. A day after the surgery, the patient was moving his fingers at her command. – I would like to be humble about it. I would rather say after six months: nice result, look how great he moves his hands, than to say now that everything will be great. It is definitely too early – emphasized Dr. Chrapusta.

A specialist in the field of surgery assessed that each replantation in high amputations is a difficult operation because it requires efficient and very quick operation. The key is, among other things, not to prolong the time of tissue hypoxia. As she admitted, Maks’s surgery was not the most difficult she had performed so far, but the circumstances in which the injury occurred are shocking. Most of the patients are victims of accidents at work or at home. – The most difficult replantations are those where we have to make very small vascular anastomoses. Finger amputations require greater surgical skill, while high amputations require much greater efficiency and speed – explained the doctor.

“I feel very good”

Max, who was present at the meeting with journalists, assured him that he was going to focus on rehabilitation now. – I feel very good. Hand sewn in, everything is in place. It hurts a bit, but it’s okay – he emphasized. Speaking about the circumstances of the incident that took place in Leżajsk (Podkarpackie Province), he indicated that he was unexpectedly attacked when he was cycling to his friend. He estimated that he arrived at the hospital about two or three hours after the attack. Realizing the nature of the injury, he was afraid that he would lose his arm forever, but he managed to call an ambulance and was given specialist help on time. It is precisely this help that is crucial when an injury occurs. However, a huge responsibility rests with the witnesses of the event, e.g. family members, because it is very important to properly secure the cut off hand or finger. As Dr. Chrapusta emphasized, this topic has repeatedly appeared in the media in recent years, and doctors find almost every day that education in this field is necessary, as it is often family members who are the first to arrive at the scene of an accident. – It is extremely important that the amputated part – finger or hand – does not come into contact with ice, so as not to put it in the freezer compartment. It is best that the amputated part should be wrapped with a damp gauze pad or something that we have at home, put in a bag, and only in this bag should be put into a container with ice water – in the proportion of three-quarters of the volume of water, a quarter of the volume of ice – she explained specialist. She also noted that if the amputated part is left on ice, frostbite may occur during transport to the hospital. However, the optimal temperature that will extend the life of the tissues is four degrees Celsius.

Doctors from Krakow sewed up the severed hand of a 21-year-old from Leżajsk for seven hours. Suspected of attack with a chopper, Marek T. heard the accusations.

Main photo source: PAP / Łukasz Gągulski

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