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Leżajsk. The man asked Jarosław Kaczyński about the “Smolensk wreck”, and his microphone was taken away. Incident at a meeting with the president of PiS

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One of the participants of the meeting with Jarosław Kaczyński in Leżajsk asked the PiS president “where the wreck from Smolensk is” and accused him of “deceiving” people for eight years. The MP, Ewa Leniart, who was leading the meeting, grabbed the microphone from him. – This is a classic example of the fact that even in this room there are Putin’s people. Because this is Putin’s great defense, Kaczyński said from the stage.

President of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski met on Sunday with the inhabitants of Leżajsk (Podkarpackie). After his speech, he was asked questions by the audience gathered in the hall.

He asked about the “wreck from Smolensk”, Leniart snatched the microphone from him

The microphone was first handed to one of the men present in the room, who stood up and addressed the president PIS: – Mr. MP, I have a question. You ruled for eight years, and where is the wreck from Smolensk? You have been deceiving people for eight years, you have created the Smolensk ideology, the big Smolensk lies – said one of the meeting participants.

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At that time, the microphone held by the man was taken by PiS MP Ewa Leniart, former voivode of Podkarpacie, who was leading the meeting. The MP grabbed the microphone from him and said: – Thank you very much, there is no Smolensk lie, there are victims. Smolensk disaster.

Kaczyński: a classic example of the fact that even in this room there are Putin’s people

Kaczyński responded from the stage. – Ladies and gentlemen, this is a classic example of the fact that even in this room there are people (Vladimir) Putin. Because this is Putin’s great defense.

– But leave them, ladies and gentlemen. These are simply people who, either consciously or out of stupidity, morbid stupidity, simply do these kinds of things – added the PiS president.

The participants could hear screams and loud discussions in the room. A moment later, the gathered people started chanting “Jarosław!”.

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