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Liability insurance. Fines and penalty points and the amount of the rate – when are the new price lists of insurance companies?

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For several weeks, insurers have had access to a database of fines and penalty points. Therefore, drivers driving illegally can expect higher liability rates. We asked the largest insurance companies if and when they would update their offer.

In Poland, motor third party liability insurance is obligatory for all owners of motor vehicles. Penalties for the lack of compulsory third party liability insurance have increased since the beginning of 2022. Their amount depends on minimum wagewhich from January 1 is PLN 3010 gross.

From June 17, 2022, insurance companies will have access to information about fines and penalty points. For some drivers, this may mean an increase in the price of mandatory policies.

Insurance companies are already working on updating their offers and intend to increase rates for those who drive illegally.

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Civil liability insurance – fines and penalty points and the amount of the rate

“Currently, the premium amount for a motor policy is calculated individually for each client based on several hundred factors. The new solution will allow us to adjust the price of the policy even more precisely to the potential loss ratio of a given vehicle owner. Thanks to this, people traveling safely on the roads will be able to count on more attractive options. rates than drivers who break the road traffic regulations. We also believe that this change will improve road safety, “Dawid Korezja told TVN24 Biznes. Worth it.

He added that “it is still difficult to determine exactly how the access of insurers to penalty points for drivers will affect the premium for the motor policy”. “The type of offense will certainly be important. High increases for the policy will apply to the worst offenses, such as drinking and driving, drastic speeding in built-up areas or overtaking lanes” – he noted. He further explained that “the new solution has been in operation since last week”.

“The information on penalty points allows us to differentiate insurance premiums, taking into account another important information about the behavior of drivers on the road. The fact of receiving a fine and penalty points clearly indicates the tendency to take greater risks during the journey, and this directly translates into a greater risk of an accident – informed TVN24 Biznes Wojciech Rabiej, managing director of the Retail Customer Solutions Division UNIQA.

He also added: “We are currently preparing a verified offer so that it reflects the risk as well as possible, and thus properly differentiates the premium – giving the opportunity to both save the cost of insurance for those who drive safely and a corresponding increase for drivers driving more risky, which results in the tickets awarded “.

Aleksandra Brzozowska, director of the Tariffs and Analyzes Department LINK4, told TVN24 Biznes that “LINK4 intends to use the information on penalty points as soon as possible in the process of calculating liability insurance premiums”. “We are currently in the process of preparing an appropriate technological solution. At the same time, we are analyzing the premium tariff. We certainly want to promote a responsible and safe driving style, so higher liability premiums can be expected by drivers punished for the most serious road offenses,” Brzozowska reported.

Maciej Krajewski, Pricing Director ERGO Hestia informed that the company submitted an application for access to the Central Register of Drivers, thanks to which it will be able to include penalty points in offering motor insurance.

“We are waiting for its approval. The changes that we are planning will be felt by those drivers who clearly endanger road safety. These are mainly people who drove a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, without appropriate permits or significantly exceeding the speed limit in built-up areas” – added Krajewski .

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