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Libation in the Mausoleum of Martyrology of Polish Villages. Among the participants, PiS councilor Bartosz Bętkowski

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A recording leaked to the network shows how officials party at the Mausoleum of Martyrology of Polish Villages in Michniów. Right next to the grave of the victims of Nazi crimes, the manager of the facility, Bartosz Bętkowski, a councilor of Law and Justice and, privately, the son of the marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, who supervises the Mausoleum, was having fun. Material from the “Poland and World” magazine.

This place is shocking – it is a testimony to the monstrous crime committed by the German occupiers on the local population 80 years ago. “The German gendarmes murdered over two hundred people there in two days,” said historian and local journalist Ryszard Koziej. Half of them are women and children – almost all of them died burned in closed barns.

The mausoleum in Michniów was created so that the memory of the war tragedy would never fade away. It was opened in 2021 and after its opening, this place-grave witnessed, among other things, a drunken party with officials. The recording of the event was revealed by Krzysztof Soczwiński, an independent journalist from Świętokrzyskie.

– The lack of reaction from the president is shocking Jarosław Kaczyński. There is simply no reaction to this scandal. PIS on election slogans it says “God, honor, homeland”, so where is this honor, homeland and where is this God? – asked a journalist from stv.pl television.

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Libation with the participation of a PiS councilor

The film of the lavishly intoxicated party, which was organized on the premises of the museum, which is in fact a cemetery, shows the head of the facility, Bartosz Bętkowski, and two officials of the Świętokrzyskie Marshal’s Office. Interestingly, manager Bętkowski is a PiS councilor in the Skarżysko district and the son of the voivodeship marshal Andrzej Bętkowski from PiS, who supervises the mausoleum.

Libation in the Mausoleum of Martyrology of Polish VillagesFacebook/Krzysztof.Soczewinski

The deputy marshal was asked by journalists about the film, which shows the desecration of the memory of the victims of this place. – Such events should not be held in places that are not intended for this purpose – admitted Marek Bogusławski, deputy marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

– PiS nominees are having fun in this sacred place. This is a desecration of this place – said Marzena Okła-Drewnowicz from the Civic Platform.

The manager responsible for the museum in a bubbly mood

In the film, next to the manager of the Mausoleum supervised by his father-marshal, there is also a manager at the Marshal’s Office and a former employee of the Mausoleum. The woman visible in the recording in a black dress is in an excellent mood. When the TVN24 station came to the Marshal’s Office with a camera, the manager, Katarzyna Jedynak, was at work, but not in her office. She did not appear in it, but spokesman Przemysław Chruściel appeared. – Mrs. Jedynak is at work today – he informed. – The mausoleum in Michniów is supervised by the director of the Department of Culture and National Heritage, not Mrs. Jedynak – he added.

When asked if Katarzyna Jedynak’s duties had anything to do with the Mausoleum in Michniów, he replied that he had to check it. – Yes, the manager Katarzyna Jedynak in her department supervises museums subordinated to the local government of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, including the Kielce Village Museum, whose unit is the Mausoleum of Polish Village Martyrology in Michniów – he admitted.

Outrage after officials’ libation in the Mausoleum

Opposition politicians are unanimously outraged. – This is simply a disgrace – says the president of the Polish People’s Party Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz. – People should be excluded from public life altogether and the entire provincial authorities of the party, or even someone from the national authorities who sees such things, should be thrown out as soon as possible – adds the leader of Agrounia, Michał Kołodziejczak.

The office’s spokesman refers journalists to the statement of the PiS marshal, the father of one of the event participants. Marshal Andrzej Bętkowski emphasizes that “such an event should never have occurred on the premises of the Mausoleum of Martyrology of Polish Villages in Michniów.” He does not accept the employees’ behavior and he confidently emphasized that it should not happen. “It was inappropriate, reckless and, in my opinion, deserves criticism,” he admitted.

The Marshal also writes that he learned about the meeting of Mausoleum employees shortly after the fact – which did not prevent him from appointing the participant of this controversial event as a manager in his office. The local PiS has its head in the sand. – I don’t know the details of the case. I am asking for information from those who run this Mausoleum, said Krzysztof Słoń, senator of the Świętokrzyskie district.

Other politicians from the ruling party are more talkative. – No alcohol in any museums or places commemorating Polish heroes – recalls Janusz Kowalski, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The PiS voivodeship marshal announces official consequences for the participants of the libation. That is, a PiS councilor – his son, his friend – his manager and another manager – a man who is wearing a blue jacket in the recording. – Mr. Andrzej Piątkowski is the head of the office. It issues decisions in various scopes and also regarding this matter – explained Marek Bogusławski. There is a stir in the Świętokrzyskie district, and this is where the president of the ruling party is running.

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