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Libya. The clergy issued a fatwa ordering the fight against Russian mercenaries

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The Sharia Research and Studies Council in western Libya issued a fatwa ordering fighting against Russian forces, in particular mercenaries from the African Corps, the successor to the Wagner Group. “Russia's armed presence on Libyan soil constitutes an occupation and invasion by an aggressive infidel state,” it reads.

The Council, calling for a fight that “is the religious duty of the Libyan people”, responded to the destabilizing presence in Libya and in neighboring countries Russian mercenaries. “Russia's armed presence on Libyan soil constitutes an occupation and invasion by an aggressive infidel state,” the Libyaobserver website quoted the content of the fatwa on Monday.

The clerics called on all those with money, weapons or decision-making power to support the revolutionary brigades in driving out the occupiers and those who brought them in.

The declared jihad against Russian forces does not mean, as the fatwa emphasizes, submission to the influence of USA, the European Union or any other country. “The fight against the occupiers should not lead to the replacement of one occupier by another,” the Council explained.

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Tripoli, the capital of LibyaShutterstock

The Russians use Libyan bases

Russian mercenaries, numbering about 2,000, are stationed in the eastern part of divided Libya, where they support the Libyan National Army commanded by General Khalifa Haftar, who pursues a “security for resources” policy with the Kremlin.

Thanks to it, the Russians use Libyan naval, air and land bases, including in Tobruk, where in recent days they have sent thousands of tons of supplies leased from Syria the port of Tartus. These shipments included vehicles and weapons, including radar systems, T-72 tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery systems, as reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) in mid-May.

Mastered by Russia Tobruk may pose a serious threat to Europe and the southern flank FOR THIS. A Libyan base would enable Russia to immediately expand its military presence on Europe's southern shores and offset its closure in 2022 by Turkey the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits, which prevents the Russian Black Sea Fleet from supporting operations in the Mediterranean Sea and Syria.

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