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Lightning pierced through the roof. “Flash, light, noise. I started screaming and crying”

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Dangerous thunderstorms swept through the northern part of Spain. The phenomena were most noticeable in Galicia. In Germade, lightning struck a detached house and caused considerable damage. In Muras, a shed containing agricultural machinery was damaged.

On Monday, Galicia passed through the Spanish region strong storm with discharges. The meteorological service estimated that as many as 4,000 lightning strikes hit the ground. One of them hit a house in Germade and caused a lot of damage.

Lightning struck a house in Germade, SpainENEX

Lightning struck a house in Germade, SpainENEX

“It’s much better now, but it really was something I didn’t expect to experience in my life.” […] There was a flash, light and noise, and I started screaming and crying. I was alone here and didn’t know who to call. I didn’t even know what happened here. So I just stayed at home, under a blanket, waiting for someone to show up.

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Despite the seriousness of the situation, no one was hurt. However, the phenomenon caused considerable damage. It went through the roof on the porch and then hit the electrical wiring. The violent wave spread in two different directions, destroying the floor tiles.

Lightning struck a house in Germade, SpainENEX

Lightning struck a house in Germade, SpainENEX

Destroyed agricultural machinery

In Muras, lightning struck a shed, causing significant material damage to the farm. Mayor Manuel Requeixo told local media that there was a fire and the intervention of firefighters was necessary. Inside were agricultural machinery, many of which are no longer usable. The flames also damaged the roof of the building.

The mayor said the fire was “basically extinguished” on Monday, but emergency services were called back on Tuesday morning as smoke was still rising. Fortunately, the lightning did not reach the house where the owners of the farm were staying.

“There was material damage, but fortunately no one was hurt,” Requeixo said.

Forecasters warned on Monday that the beginning of the week could be dangerous in many parts of Spain. Storms and rainfall were forecast not only in Galicia, but also in Cantabria and the Pyrenees. The reason for the emergence of violent phenomena was the influx of cold, which mixed with the warm air masses.

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Main photo source: ENEX

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