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Ligota. They are looking for a girl on a scooter who has been collecting something in a jar. There was mercury spilled on the road

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The firefighters disposed of the substance spilled on the road in the village of Ligota (Śląskie Voivodeship). They confirmed it was mercury. The case, however, as emphasized by the city guards from Czechowice-Dziedzice, was complicated. Residents reported to the services that the day before they saw a girl on a scooter in this place, collecting something in a jar. The baby is now wanted.

“We are looking for a girl who collected mercury in a jar” – appeals the municipal police in Czechowice-Dziedzice in Silesia.

The girl was seen on Sunday in the village of Ligota on Zaciszna Street. The guards know nothing more about her.

The resident saw that the girl was collecting something in a jar

On June 6, Czechowice city guards were informed that there was probably a spilled mercury in Ligota on Zaciszna Street. This was confirmed on the spot by the fire brigade. The requested chemical unit disposed of the substance.

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But, as the guards describe, “it got complicated.” The day before, that is on Sunday, one of the inhabitants of the street saw a girl on a scooter who “was collecting something from the road into a jar”. It bothered him. He went to see what the girl was picking up from the road. He said it might be mercury.

He shared his observations with his wife, who reported it to the services on Monday. “The woman was not able to determine the age of the girl and the time at which the child was seen” – informed the guards. They walked around the neighboring houses, asked the inhabitants, but unfortunately they did not manage to establish the girl’s identity. They were also at school and kindergarten in Ligota, where they asked the management to ask children and parents about the situation in Zaciszna Street.

Mercury spilled on Zaciszna Street in LigotaMunicipal Police in Czechowice-Dziedzice

An appeal to parents to ask their children if they were picking up anything out of the way

Rangers urge parents to ask their children if they collected anything from the way into the jar, and if so, what they did with it. In such a situation, they ask to contact the municipal police or the police.

“We also call for interventions to be reported immediately if we have a reasonable suspicion that the spilled liquid or substance may pose a threat to people or the environment to the relevant authorities or to the emergency number 112” – ask the rangers.

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Mercury is a heavy metal that normally occurs in a liquid state. Security guards alert that “mercury vapor absorbed through the respiratory system and most compounds, both inorganic and organic, are poisonous. Accidental mercury poisoning occurs most frequently in children under three years of age.”

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Czechowice-Dziedzice

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