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Lima, Peru. A dog that turned out to be a fox. Run Run went to the zoo

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Run Run – a fox that was bought as a dog – ran away from his home a few days ago. Since there was a risk that he might be aggressive, it was necessary to find him quickly. After four days of searching, he was found and taken to the zoo in Lima. He is there under the watchful eye of staff who are to observe his behavior.

Run Run – a fox, bought by mistake by the family, has already been transferred to the zoo in Lima – the capital of Peru.

The animal moved in with the family because its members thought they were buying a cute puppy. Only after a few months, when Run Run began to attack farm animals, it turned out that it was not an ordinary dog, but a kolpeo – a species of predatory mammal from the canine family (Canidae).

We wrote about the history of Runa Runes on Sunday.

We managed to catch him

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The animal managed to escape from the house. As it could be dangerous, it was searched for by personnel from the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) and the police for days. Run Runa was found, it was taken to the “Parque de la Leyendas” – a zoo in Lima, the capital of Peru.

“After four days of controlling the area where the fox could feed, Run Run approached us. We took the opportunity to release a tranquilizer dart from a distance of two meters, said SERFOR Technical Administrator Selene Peña.

Illegal sale

Local media reported that Run Run could be around eight months old. It was bought by the family near the main market in Lima. The family said a street vendor was convincing them it was a husky puppy.

The fox is currently in the zoo and is doing well. Garden workers are to monitor his behavior.

It is estimated that as many as 300 species of wild animals are illegally traded in Peru. About 50 of them may be threatened with extinction.

Main photo source: Reuters

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