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Linin, Podkowa Leśna-Dębak. Afghans poisoning in centers for foreigners

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In two centers for foreigners in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the Afghans poisoned themselves with mushrooms which they had collected themselves. Officials ensure that no one is starving in them. The spokesman of the Office for Foreigners informs that employees of all centers for foreigners sensitize Afghans not to consume products of unknown origin.

Four Afghans residing in the center for foreigners in Linin (Mazowieckie) got poisoned with mushrooms. Health complaints were reported on August 24. According to Jakub Dudziak, spokesman for the Office for Foreigners, their condition is stable, and one of the people has already left the hospital.

On the same day, the Afghan family also poisoned themselves with mushrooms, staying in a distance of several dozen kilometers, the center for foreigners in Podkowa Leśna-Dębak. The situation is much worse there. The prognosis of a 6-year-old boy after liver transplantation is still uncertain. As on Wednesday, doctors from the Children’s Memorial Health InstituteThe 5-year-old was not eligible for transplant due to irreversible brain damage. On Thursday, tests to confirm the death of the child’s brain are to be performed. In turn, the condition of the 17-year-old Afghan woman is good, she was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday. Apart from children, adult Afghans have also been poisoned, but they do not require medical attention.


“Fakty” TVN spoke to the residents of the center in Podkowa Leśna-Dębak. “He warned those people who made soup not to do it,” said one of the center’s residents, pointing to the boy. The boy confirmed that he had warned the Afghans not to eat mushrooms because they would get poisoned.

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My father was to complain that they were starving in the center. – There was no question of the third meal, only that there are two meals a day – Paulina Olszanka, the caretaker of the family told journalists. This, in turn, was to be told by the Afghans.

The representatives of the center, however, stated that no one is starving there. Mariusz Kamiński, Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration, and Jakub Dudziak, spokesman for the Office for Foreigners, also assured that there is no shortage of food in the centers for foreigners.

Refugees in the hospital after mushroom poisoning. Doctors about the health of boysTVN24

“There is no question that anyone in the center is starving.”

The minister of the interior and administration referred to the matter at the Tuesday conference.

– There was a tragic situation. We are in contact with the Office for Foreigners, which supervises the center in Dębak. I would like to assure you that the center in Dębak near Warsaw, where the refugees used to be, is a center that has been operating for many, many years, and that perfectly understands the specificity of the people who live there. I understand some types of restrictions regarding religion, but also really very experienced people work there – said the minister.

He added that “there is no question that anyone in this center is starving.” – We know that these are people who lived in a completely different part of the world on a daily basis, they do not know our flora. They were convinced that they were edible mushrooms. Unfortunately, this was the case. It is a tragedy, but not due to the centre’s negligence, emphasized the minister. As he noted, the employees of the center conducted educational activities towards another group of refugees so that such a misfortune would not happen again. – However, there is no question that any of the people who are there would suffer from hunger – he emphasized

We informed about the poisoning of children in the center for foreigners in Podkowa Leśna – Dębak on tvn24.pl

Spokesman for the Office for Foreigners on how the children of refugees could poison with mushroomsTVN24

Jakub Dudziak, spokesman for the Office for Foreigners, assures that Afghan citizens are provided with three full meals a day in the centers, including a two-course lunch, as well as access to hot drinks around the clock. In connection with the poisoning – as announced by Dudziak – employees of all centers for foreigners sensitized Afghans not to eat products of unknown origin. The representative of the office also emphasizes that the families of those who have been poisoned and are in hospital will be able to benefit from psychological care.

Communication problem

The situation is to be similar in other centers. Janina Ochojska, MEP, president of the Polish Humanitarian Action, spent several hours on Tuesday in a closed center for foreigners in Kętrzyn (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). There are, among others, refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq.

In “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 she said that “the foreigners in this center are basically in good physical condition, but the mental condition is worse “. – They’ve been there for a month or so. The conditions at this resort are good, the staff tries hard. But people mentally can’t stand the closure – she added.

However, she mentioned another very important problem.

– Both in this center and in others there is a huge problem with communication. People in the centers are completely confused. What rights they have, what awaits them, what they can claim, what not – she said.

This communication problem – she explained – “results from the fact that suddenly there are a lot of people in these centers”.

Ochojska: There is a huge problem with communication in the center for foreignersTVN24

After the evacuation of Afghan collaborators of the Polish Military Contingent and Polish diplomacy, 1,021 Afghan citizens found themselves under the care of the Office for Foreigners. Afghans are staying in centers for foreigners and in units of voivodes designated for quarantine after entering Poland. In the centers, they are provided with accommodation, meals, personal hygiene, medical, psychological and material assistance, such as clothes, toys for children, etc.

Main photo source: TVN24

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