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Lipce Reymontowskie. The truck got stuck under the rail barrier – recording

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At the guarded railroad crossing in Lipce Reymontowskie (Łódź Voivodeship), the truck stopped under a falling barrier. – The first train clearly slowed down, and the second, freight train even stopped for a moment – says the author of the recording. The services inform that the circumstances of the event will need to be clarified. At the same time, they emphasize that in similar situations, railway workers must be warned as soon as possible. We received the recording of the event on Contact 24.

Mr. Maciej – the author of the recording that found its way to Contact 24 – he explained that the situation took place on Tuesday, around 9:50 am at the guarded railroad crossing in Lipce Reymontowskie. – I approached the queue of cars as the third one and the truck with the barrier leaning against it was already on the other side of the crossing. From what I could observe, the car cabin was empty and the driver was walking nearby, so he did not decide to try to withdraw – he described.

– The first train clearly slowed down, and the second, freight train even stopped for a moment. Later, when both passed, the barriers opened and we were able to pass, but when I passed the truck, I saw the barrier leaning all the time – says Reporter24.

He reports that he does not know what happened next, but when he was driving the same route an hour later, the truck was gone.

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– Fortunately, there was no collision – he emphasized.

The incident took place on TuesdayContact 24 / mSlomka

Railwaymen remind you of yellow stickers

Rafał Wielgusiak from the PKP PLK press office informs that the incident could have occurred due to a truck failure.

– If the vehicle stops in a dangerous place, information must be communicated to the railway representatives as soon as possible. Emergency numbers are placed on yellow stickers, which have been on every railway crossing in Poland since 2018 – says Wielgusiak.

He emphasizes that the efficient transmission of information about the danger at the crossing can prevent a tragedy.

– Each yellow sticker also has information about the railroad crossing: its number and city name. Thanks to this, information can be transferred very efficiently. If necessary, the railway traffic will be suspended – he assures.

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To the rescue – the starter

Marzanna Boratyńska from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź also calls for similar vigilance:

– We must be aware that from the moment an obstacle appears on the crossing, invaluable seconds begin to elapse, on which it may depend whether there is a railway accident or not. Quick information can save lives – says the policewoman.

Boratyńska reminds that drivers of passenger cars can – in the event of a sudden failure on the tracks – use a method that allows them to go down without the engine running: engage the gear and turn the starter. However, this may not be effective for heavier vehicles.

The policewoman points out that the circumstances of the incident in Lipce Reymontowskie must be clarified. It is possible that the truck driver did not just have to deal with a breakdown, but simply decided to enter the crossing despite the red light.

– In such cases, the driver may be fined up to two thousand zlotys – explains Boratyńska.

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The incident took place in Lipce Reymontowskie

Main photo source: Contact 24 / mSlomka

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