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“Lipowo. Conspiracy of silence.” Will there be a second season?

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The finale of the crime series “Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence” is already behind us. The entire eight-episode series is available on Player. – The series is slightly different from the book, but it is worth looking at it as another story from the Lipów universe – says Katarzyna Puzyńska, author of the novel “Motylek”, on the basis of which the production script was based.

In the eighth episode “Lipowo. Conspiracy of silence” everything is explained. Weronika returns to town to finish her investigation. Meanwhile, Daniel investigates the issue of arson. The trail leads him to Father Józef. The priest feels that “the noose is tightening around his neck.” Weronika tells Daniel the whole truth. Together they look through Sister Bridget’s notes and break into the convent. Sister Monika’s secret is revealed. It also concerns Father Józef. There is a confrontation and Weronika discovers who wanted to silence Sister Monika forever.

“Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence” – will there be a second season?

“Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence” is a series based on Katarzyna Puzyńska’s book “Motylek”. It is the first part of a 15-volume saga about the inhabitants of Lipowo. Fans of the production have long been discussing on social media whether there will be further seasons. Agnieszka Suchora, who plays in the series contemporary witch Wiera, was asked about it by Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop during the weekend edition “Good morning TVN”. – We’d love to. But it’s not up to us, said the actress. Puzyńska also talked about the continuation of the series during a chat for Player. – We’ll see if there will be further seasons. I hope so, she said. However, she did not want to reveal the details of the 16th part of her saga. – In volume 15, some things actually turned upside down, but I can’t reveal it because it will be a spoiler – said the writer.

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“Lipowo. Conspiracy of Silence” – what is the series about?

The heroine of the series is the writer Weronika Nowakowska (Julia Kijowska). She comes to a small town in Kujawy to forget about the problems she left in Warsaw. Life in Lipowo resembles an idyll: everyone knows each other, respects each other, likes each other more or less, and the local parish priest is the voice of conscience. But it turns out to be a game of appearances. One day there is a murder. A sister from a convent that takes a vow of silence dies. The local police chief (Piotr Pacek), seeing Weronika’s involvement, involves her in the case against all odds. Weronika begins to learn the secrets of the residents and realizes that she must break the conspiracy of silence between them. He discovers that two religious worlds meet in the territory of Lipowo: during the day, the Christian world in the local parish and monastery, and at night – the pagan one in the Witches’ Glade. In addition to Julia Kijowska and Piotr Pack, the series stars, among others: Olaf Lubaszenko, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Julia Konarska, Eryk Kulm Jr and Antoni Sztaba.

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