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Lisiewo Malborskie. They will work socially. For insulting and insulting the teacher

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The court in Malbork punished minors from the school in Lisewo Malborskie (Pomeranian Voivodeship) who insulted the teacher during the lesson and broadcast their behavior live on the Internet. Pupils aged 14 and 15 are supervised by a superintendent and must do community service.

At the beginning of March students aged 14 and 15 from the school in Lisewo Malborskie insulted the teacher during the lesson. They broadcast their behavior live on the Internet in the TikTok application. In the video, you can hear students cursing and insulting words directed at the teacher leading the lesson.

The recording was sent to the headmaster of the school in Lisewo Malborski and police officers from Nowy Staw. In addition, the police officers received a notice from the teacher about insulting a public official.

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They insulted the teacher, they will work socially

On Tuesday, the press officer for civil matters of the District Court in Gdańsk, Judge Łukasz Zioła, informed the Polish Press Agency that the District Court in Malbork had determined that five minors had committed a punishable act under Article 226 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, i.e. they had insulted a public official by in class, he used words commonly regarded as offensive to her.

– Educational measures were applied to minors in the form of supervision by a probation officer and an obligation to perform social work by each of them for 10 hours within three months, and for one of the minors, the amount of social work was set at 20 hours to be performed within six months – said the judge Herbs.

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There have been complaints about them before

Deputy headmistress of the primary school in Lisewo Malborskie, Katarzyna Lewińska, in an interview with PAP in March, emphasized that after watching the video she was shocked and could not believe that the students of her school were registered in the video.

She explained that students from the class where the video was recorded had already been complained about inappropriate behavior. She assured then that the students had already suffered the first consequences resulting from the school’s statute, i.e. they had received reprimands from the headmaster, reprimands from the tutor and admonitions from the tutor.

– Pupils of this class have been deprived of school functions in the class self-government and a decision was also made, together with their parents, that they would all be forbidden to bring phones to our facility – said the deputy headmistress of the facility in March.

The judgment is not final, the parties are entitled to appeal

Judge Zioła pointed out that the decision of the District Court in Malbork is invalid and the parties have the right to appeal to the District Court in Gdańsk. He stressed that the case was held in secret because it concerned minors

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