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List of reimbursed drugs 2021 – TVN24

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There is a new announcement by the minister of health on reimbursed drugs, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses and medical devices. They include, among others, drugs used in the treatment of people suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia or cutaneous melanoma. The new list is to apply from September 1.

Several new active substances, including Ipilimumab (used to treat melanoma of the skin or mucous membranes), Tisagenlecleucelum (used in the treatment of patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia), Mercaptamini bitartras (used in the treatment of patients with early childhood nephropathic cystinosis) and Trientinum tetrahydrochloridum (used to treat patients with Wilson’s disease).

>> Full list of reimbursed drugs


In addition, on Friday, an announcement by the minister of health was published on the list of drugs, foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses, for which an official selling price was established. This list includes products containing the following substances: baclofen, human anti-D immunoglobulin and ketogenic diets.

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One of the substances – baclofen is a muscle relaxant for adults and children. It reduces the pain associated with excessive muscle tension and facilitates rehabilitation.

Anti-Rh0 (D) immunoglobulin, in turn, is a serum containing mainly Immunoglobulin G against the Rh (D) antigen of human erythrocytes, produced from human plasma. It is used to prevent immunization with the Rh antigen leading to a serological conflict.


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