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Lithuania. President Andrzej Duda: we will fight for the Alliance to support Ukraine

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We will fight for the Alliance to support Ukraine as much as possible and for Ukraine to become part of NATO in the future, said President Andrzej Duda, who met with Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda in Vilnius. “The strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland has taken on a new meaning in the face of a cruel war in Europe,” said the Lithuanian leader.

Andrzej Duda met with the president in Vilnius on Wednesday Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda ahead of the upcoming summit FOR THIS. During a joint press conference, the president emphasized that the Russians and the Wagner Group were “green men” who, as “supposed separatists”, occupied the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk in 2014 and deprived Ukraine control over these areas. “It was essentially a Russian aggression against Ukraine that started then and then continued in 2022 with a full-scale aggression,” he said.

– Today, the only person able to support Ukraine, help Ukraine defend itself and regain control over its territories, and thus contribute to restoring the primacy of international law, is the North Atlantic Alliance as the most powerful alliance in the world – stressed Duda. – We, Mr. President, will certainly fight for the Alliance to support Ukraine to the greatest extent possible and for Ukraine to become part of NATO in the future – he added.

Andrzej Duda and Gitanas NausedaRadek Pietruszka/PAP

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President Duda: it is very important to confirm allied unity

President Duda announced that bilateral issues were among the topics discussed. – Some time ago we agreed with the president that Poland would send its military contingent to hold maneuvers in Lithuania and to support the protection of the NATO summit – he said. – I am glad that our soldiers will carry out these missions – he added and pointed out that this is a consequence of joint actions, and for Poland it is something natural.

– I hope that in the future, with the president, we will inspire even more extensive joint military maneuvers, thus tightening cooperation between our units, between our armies – said Duda and reminded that Poland is dynamically modernizing its army.

– Without a doubt, our goal is to make this summit [NATO w Wilnie – red.] made decisions on the further strengthening, adaptation and defense of NATO. We will certainly want the decision to establish the Ukraine-Russia Council to be made. We hope that a firm allied decision will be made that Ukraine does not need any Membership Action Plan, that it does not need any preliminary path to join NATO in the future, but that this path will therefore be a shortcut for it. – said Andrzej Duda.

– It is also very important for us to confirm the allied unity towards Ukraine in the sense of solidarity with Ukraine, support for Ukraine, that NATO will help Ukraine, support Ukraine until it drives Russian soldiers out of its land, until Ukraine there will be no peace until this war ends.

President of Lithuania: partnership between Lithuania and Poland has taken on a new meaning

The Lithuanian president stressed that “the strategic partnership between Lithuania and Poland has acquired a new meaning in the face of the cruel war that is ongoing in Europe.” – I appreciate our close cooperation, constant coordination of activities and joint actions for security in the region. We agreed to further develop our security cooperation in the field of defense and security, we will conduct further joint exercises on land and sea to defend our borders and our airspace. We will also develop our defense industry and its technological base, Nauseda said.

As he noted, on Friday both presidents in Klaipeda will observe joint exercises of special forces. – Exercises are also held in a very important location for the region – the Suwałki isthmus. Cooperation in ensuring the security of the entire region is very important, said the NATO president, recalling that the NATO summit will be held next week in Vilnius.

The politician drew attention to the common threats for Poland and Lithuania, such as plans to deploy on Belarus Russian nuclear weapons and the possible relocation to Belarus of mercenaries from the Wagner Group. – We agreed that we would address NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg with an appeal and draw attention to the situation in our countries. This is yet another signal that NATO should strengthen its eastern flank and our deterrence and forward defenses must be insurmountable. We must work together to achieve this at the NATO summit, stressed the Lithuanian president.

– Another important topic of the summit is the future of Ukraine in NATO. We must make it clear that there are no real security guarantees for Ukraine other than NATO membership and Article 5. The NATO Summit is an excellent opportunity to stop repeating the old formulas and present a clear plan for how Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance after the war. This is in the interest of the entire Alliance, Nauseda added.

The President of Lithuania also drew attention to economic and infrastructural cooperation. – Last year, Poland became Lithuania’s main trading partner. (…) This economic exchange is very pleasing. We hope it will grow even more – said Nauseda, emphasizing the need to accelerate joint infrastructural projects such as the Rail Baltica railway line, the Via Baltica route, the integration of the power system of the Baltic States with the rest of Europe and the implementation of an alternative to the current transport route, which would connect Augustów with Lithuanian Olita ( Alytus).

– These transport corridors, road and rail, are very important for ensuring military mobility, especially through the Suwałki isthmus – added Nauseda.

Main photo source: Radek Pietruszka/PAP

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