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Lithuania, presidential elections 2024. Gitanas Nausėda with a large advantage. More than half of the votes have been counted

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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda, who is running for re-election, is leading in the second round of the presidential elections. The preliminary results of the Central Electoral Commission published on Sunday show that he won about 80 percent of the votes, and his rival, Prime Minister Ingrida Szimonyte – about 20 percent. Szimonyte admitted her defeat.

Gitanas Nauseda was the undisputed favorite from the beginning elections. Preliminary results of the Central Electoral Commission show that he won about 80 percent of the votes, and his rival, Prime Minister Ingrida Szimonyte – about 20 percent. The turnout during Sunday's vote was 53.43%.

Nauseda: I got a great mandate

– I have obtained a great mandate of trust and I am perfectly aware that I will have to maintain it – Nauseda told journalists in the evening. – Now that I have five years of experience, I believe that I will be able to use this treasure in the right way, primarily to achieve goals, including prosperity for all residents Lithuania – added.

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The president-elect, supported by the Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, also emphasized the importance and importance of foreign policy and security issues. He recalled that “Lithuania's independence and freedom are values ​​that we must protect” in cooperation with the European Union and FOR THIS.

– Our closest allies remain the same: USA, GermanyPoland, Baltic neighbors, (…) with whom we share the same view on the issue of aid Ukraineto the threat from Russia – Nauseda stated.

The rival admitted defeat

Shimonyte acknowledged her defeat and congratulated Nauseda on her victory. – I would like to congratulate the president-elect of Lithuania – the Prime Minister told journalists in the evening.

Gitanas NausedaValdemar Doveiko/PAP

Duda congratulates his “friend”

The president has already congratulated Nauseda Andrzej Duda. In Lithuanian, he wrote on the X platform that I congratulate my “friend Gitanas Nauseda on his victory in the presidential elections of the Republic of Lithuania.” “I am glad that we will be able to continue our excellent cooperation,” he added.

Presidential elections in Lithuania

Nauseda, who cast his vote in early voting on Thursday, assessed his chances of victory as high. He emphasized that his possible victory would allow, among other things, to continue the work he has been doing for the last five years. Among the priorities of a possible second term, Nauseda pointed to the need to expand the comprehensive support system for families.

– The support system for families should be based not only on benefits, but also on appropriate housing policy and elements of labor market regulation. People who raise children should know that they are not left to the mercy of fate, the president noted.

Prime Minister Szimonyte declared that if she won the elections, she would strive for faster progress in the country. – I think that the state's direction, pro-European and pro-Western, will of course not change, (…) but what I would like to see is faster progress, more openness, perhaps more recognition or understanding of things that we have not been able to solve yet – she argued .

In Lithuania, according to the regulations, if in the first round of the presidential elections, which took place this year on May 12, none of the candidates obtains more than 50 percent. votes with a turnout of over 50%, a second round of voting is organized in two weeks. Among the eight candidates participating in the elections two weeks ago, President Nauseda and Prime Minister Shimonyte obtained the greatest support – 43.95 percent, respectively. and 20.05 percent votes.

Main photo source: Valdemar Doveiko/PAP

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