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Lithuania, Vilnius. Photo exhibition on February 24 about refugees from Ukraine and help from Poles

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Maciej Biedrzycki’s outdoor photo exhibition has been unveiled in the center of the old town of Vilnius, Lithuania, which shows Poland’s support for the Ukrainian nation in the face of a full-scale invasion by Russia. “Ukraine is fighting not only for itself, but also for Poland, Europe and the whole world,” wrote Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Gliński in a letter on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition.

Małgorzata Gosiewska, Deputy Marshal of the Sejm, present at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday, said that “the date of February 24, 2022 has permanently entered the history of our part of Europe, but also in the history of the whole world.” – The barbaric deeds of Putin’s army are recorded, and on the other hand, the heroism of Ukrainians who fight for their homeland – she said, adding that war in Ukraine has been running since 2014.

The deputy marshal of the Sejm also assessed that “there is no other country like Poland, there is no nation like Poles who have welcomed so many people to their country without creating refugee camps for them.” – Our brothers from Ukraine we accepted in our homes – emphasized Gosiewska.

– Today, the exhibition was held in a country close to us, here, on Lithuaniawho knows perfectly well what Russia is, Russian barbarism and how to help. We observe it with great admiration – said the deputy marshal. In her opinion, “this exhibition must also go to the West and shake consciences there.”

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Deputy Speaker of the Sejm Małgorzata Gosiewska and Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Lithuania Urszula DoroszewskaPAP/Valdemar Doveiko

Gliński: Ukraine fights not only for itself, but also for Poland, Europe and the whole world

The honorary patronage over the exhibition was taken by the Polish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Glinski. In the letter he sent, he wrote, among other things, that “Poles know the Russian civilization of death and destruction like few other nations and are able to assess the extent of Russian crimes.”

Photo exhibition “24.02” about Polish aid for Ukrainians opened in VilniusPAP/Valdemar Doveiko

The dramatic story of war refugees from Ukraine in photographsPAP/Valdemar Doveiko

He reminded that “the war is still going on, soldiers and civilians are dying every day.” He also assessed: “We know that there are many, also in Western Europe, who would like humanity to get used to war, to give permission for what Russia is doing in Ukraine. There is no consent for this.”

As he added, “we must remember that our everyday normal life is marked by the war in Ukraine, an unpunished attack on a sovereign state, on a sovereign culture.” “Ukraine fights not only for itself, but also for Poland, Europe and the whole world. (…) Ukrainians, resisting Russian aggression, stood up for European civilization and culture, for the values ​​of the entire civilized world. By attacking Ukraine, Russia broke the foundations our civilization, rejected its achievements” – continued Gliński.

Maciej Biedrzycki is the author of the photosPAP/Valdemar Doveiko

Photo exhibition “24.02” – Polish aid to refugees from Ukraine

Maciej Biedrzycki’s exhibition “24.02” presents 14 large-format photographs and boards with descriptions in four languages ​​- Polish, Lithuanian, English and Ukrainian.

It is a dramatic story of war refugees from Ukraine, but also a story about international solidarity and help provided to women and children in a critical situation by Poles, Polish institutions and Polish organizations. The exhibition has already been presented in Warsaw, and there are plans to show it in other cities in Europe and the United States. The organizers of the Vilnius edition of the exhibition are Polish National Foundationthe National Center for Culture and the Vilnius Center for Culture and Spirituality.

Main photo source: PAP/Valdemar Doveiko

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