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Little. Inside the house, cries for help were heard, and firefighters broke a window and entered the house. An old woman was lying in bed

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An 88-year-old resident of Mała in Podkarpacie was unable to get out of bed and call for help. A nurse who could not get to the senior’s home informed the services that something bad might have happened. The police appeal to always react in such situations, because one phone call can save someone’s life.

On Monday after 10 o’clock, the duty officer of the Ropczyce police station received information that a woman living alone in Mała needed help. – The environmental nurse reporting the intervention informed that the owner of the apartment did not open the door, and a call for help could be heard from the house – relates junior aspirant Wojciech Tobiasz, press officer of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Ropczyce.

The elderly woman was hospitalized

As the police officer further informs, on the spot, due to the suspicion that the senior’s life may be in danger, a decision was made to enter the house by force. – Firefighters removed the glass in the window, allowing entry to the house. As it turned out, the 88-year-old woman had been in bed for several hours and was unable to get up and open the door. The rescue team took the woman to the hospital, the uniformed officer said.

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Firefighters and policemen helped the elderly woman KPP Ropczyce

Police appeal: let’s react!

The police appeal not to be indifferent to people in need, who may need help especially now, when it is cold. – Let’s pay attention to the elderly, people living alone, to the homeless. If you witness or have information that such a person requires assistance, you should immediately call the emergency number. One phone call can save someone’s life – emphasizes the aspirant Wojciech Tobiasz.

Main photo source: KPP Ropczyce

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