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Liverpool. Taxi blast outside the hospital. Police: the bomber had been preparing the attack since April

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Police officers reported that the Liverpool bomber, who died in a taxi after being locked in a taxi by a driver, and it exploded, had already begun preparations for a terrorist attack in April. The taxi driver ran out of the vehicle in time and sustained only minor injuries.

The explosion in a taxi that pulled up in front of one of the Liverpool hospitals on Sunday just before 11 a.m. happened just before two minutes of silence across the UK began to commemorate the fallen soldiers on the occasion of Remembrance Sunday – one of the most important British public holidays.

British police said on Monday that the person who caused the outbreak was a 32-year-old Iraqi. The man who was a taxi passenger died in the explosion. The services had previously reported that they had classified the Sunday event as an act of terror. The taxi drivers managed to escape from the vehicle in time. He was hospitalized with minor injuries. On the same day he was released from the hospital.

>> “The taxi driver with his heroic actions managed to prevent what could have been an absolutely terrible catastrophe”

Police said on Sunday night that three men, aged 29, 26 and 21, had been arrested in connection with the case under the Terrorism Act. Police said on Monday that another man, aged 20, had been arrested. The personalities of the four arrested men have not yet been disclosed.

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Police: He had been living in Liverpool since April, when he began to prepare for the attack

On Wednesday, officials said the bomber had started shopping for a terrorist attack as early as April this year. The 32-year-old was also reported to have been born in Iraq, had been renting an apartment in Liverpool, which was his last residence since April, and an autopsy revealed that he had died from injuries sustained in the explosion.

Burning taxi outside Liverpool Women’s HospitalReuters / Carl Bessant

In the background, an application for asylum and conversion to Christianity were rejected

As previously established, the would-be bomber had lived in the UK since 2014. His asylum application was rejected, as the press suggested, because he falsely claimed to be Syrian and converted from Islam to Christianity in 2015. In the past, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital for six months due to unspecified incidents involving the use of a knife in his case.

– A complex picture emerges from purchasing cargo components. We know al Swealmeen has been renting the property since April this year and we believe he has at least made the appropriate purchases since then. Our investigation showed that he had episodes of mental illness. This will be part of the investigation and will take some time to fully clarify, explained Russ Jackson of the anti-terrorist police unit that is conducting the investigation.

Hospital parking after taxi explosionReuters

Meanwhile, several newspapers, including The Times and Daily Telegraph, reported that the 32-year-old’s conversion to Christianity was likely to increase his chances of appealing against the decision not to grant asylum. As the newspapers reveal, there are suspicions that many asylum seekers, especially from Iraq and Iran, are converting to Christianity, claiming that, as practicing Christians, they would be endangered in their countries of origin.

Regarding the matter, the Church of England, in a statement issued, explained that clergy “must be sure that those seeking baptism fully understand what it means”, but pointed out that “it is not the role of clerics to determine the validity of asylum applications and assessment of the security implications “. “We are not aware of any evidence to suggest a widespread correlation between conversion to Christianity or any other faith and abuse of the asylum system,” the statement said.

Police officer outside Liverpool Women’s HospitalPAP / EPA / STRINGER

Main photo source: Reuters

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