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Loans in francs. ING Bank Śląski proposes settlements to franchisees

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This month, another bank will offer the franchisees a loan conversion. However, others are not really into it – writes “Puls Biznesu” on Friday. The newspaper reports that by the end of October, ING Bank Śląski will submit a currency conversion offer to borrowers indebted in Swiss francs, in line with the pattern of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The rules for submitting applications – as we read – are to be similar to those in PKO BP, which it offers to its franchisees settlement from Mondayand the conditions are identical.

ING Bank Śląski will propose settlements to franchisees

According to “Puls Biznesu”, only in the first few days, as declared by the retail giant, several thousand customers became interested in the offer. “Nice result, considering the fact that the settlement is not specifically promoted – it does not inform about them on the main page and you have to search a bit to find the message about the launch of the currency conversion program” – writes the newspaper.


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And he adds that “the whole market is chilling”. “Although the banks have integrated with the PFSA system, under which the electronic arbitration court approves settlements with frankers, and are preparing to present their offer to their franchisees, the largest players have not yet said” yes “to the final supervision. Some people directly say” no “because They fundamentally disagree with the way the franc case is played by consumer institutions and considered by the courts. Others are playing for time, “we read in” Puls Biznesu “on Friday.

On Monday, PKO BP started a program of settlements with franchise holders.

“The solution prepared by the bank allows to conclude a settlement in a shorter time than in the case of settlements before common courts. During the mediation proceedings before the Arbitration Court at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the client will learn all the financial parameters of the proposal, including the amount of the balance after conversion and the amount of any overpayment that will be returned to him. bank. The process is cost-free and customer-friendly, “PKO BP said in a statement on Monday.

As added, the application is submitted online at the bank’s transaction website. Mediation meetings are also held online. “A visit of clients to the branch will be necessary only when signing the settlement. The court costs of mediation are borne” – indicated.

The bank stipulated that the solution was offered to individual clients whose home loan was granted in Swiss francs and who are still repaying the loan. The condition for taking advantage of this form of assistance is a loan taken for own housing purposes.

Swiss franc loans at other banks

As for other banks, the president of Santander Bank Polska, Michał Gajewski, recently announced that the bank is running tests of concluding settlements with Swiss franc borrowers.

In turn, Bank Millennium concluded over 4,000 settlements with franchise holders. The bank has not launched a program of agreements with borrowers on the terms proposed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, but instead tries to come to an agreement with them on its own terms, Rzeczpospolita wrote on Tuesday.

The president Brunon Bartkiewicz informed in mid-April that ING Bank Śląski is ready to settle with franchise holders. These would be settlements based on a proposal presented by the chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Bank Pekao also announced that it plans to settle deals, but is still working on the details of the conversion mechanism.

BNP Paribas previously indicated that it will make a decision on the settlement after the resolution of the Supreme Court. The full body of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court at the beginning of September this year. however, it did not issue a resolution on foreign currency loansinstead, it was decided to ask three questions to the Court of Justice of the European Union on the procedure for appointing judges.

mBank has so far not made a decision to offer agreements to clients as proposed by the chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, and has not taken any steps to obtain any corporate approvals in this matter. It is not known how Raiffeisen will behave in this case.

Financial spokesman Mariusz Golecki recently indicated in an interview with the Polish Press Agency that settlement proposals require careful examination in terms of whether they are not unfavorable to customers. At least a lawyer should see them, ‘he noted.

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