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Local elections 2023. Ryszard Terlecki: we are determined to propose an act that will postpone the elections

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Ryszard Terlecki, head of the PiS club and deputy speaker of the Sejm, said that the government camp was determined to “propose a bill that would postpone the local elections by six months”. The reason for the change would be the difficulty in organizing both elections, both elections and parliamentary ones, at the same time, in the fall of 2023. He stated that if the act was prepared and entered into force, local elections would probably take place in the spring of 2024.

Ryszard Terleckiwhen asked on Radio Kraków about parliamentary and local elections, he expressed the hope that the parliamentary elections would be held within the constitutional deadline – autumn 2023. As for the local elections, the PKW – as he said – signals that it would be difficult to organize them at the same time, what a parliamentary.

– The State Electoral Commission is signaling that this would be an unmanageable organizational undertaking, so we are determined to propose a bill that will postpone the local elections by six months. I would like to remind you that the election term cannot be shortened, it can be slightly extended – said the deputy marshal. If the law was prepared and entered into force, local elections would probably take place in the spring of 2024. – The question is whether, together with the European elections, which are to be held in May, will they have to be separated – Terlecki noticed. The PMC is to have the decisive vote in this matter.

Terlecki: we will reject the Senate’s amendments regarding the law on the Supreme Court

When asked whether the presidential bill abolishing the unrecognized Supreme Court Disciplinary Chamber would be enough to unlock money from the Reconstruction Fund, Terlecki said: – This bill has passed through the Sejm, has now passed through the Senate with amendments that, of course, we will reject. It will pass through the Seym for the second time and will go to the President’s desk.

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As the deputy speaker said, the negotiators of the European Commission argued that the liquidation of the unrecognized ID is enough to mobilize the funds, but – as he said – “the conditions of the game have already been changed many times during the game”.

– In addition, we have a crazy, total opposition, which at all costs wants to make Poland as worst as possible when it comes to the economy, and Poles felt various difficulties as much as possible, because they hope that then they will somehow crawl to this power in elections in a year and a half – he added.

Terlecki argued that waiting for EU money does not mean the suspension of investments, for which the funds are returned after their completion.

When asked about the fight against inflation, the deputy speaker announced, inter alia, that decisions in the Sejm and Senate, including those concerning aid to borrowers, should be taken at the turn of July and August. As he noted, the government talks to banks and has more ideas than just holidays for borrowers. – Banks would like to earn, but in a difficult situation they will have to share their profits with borrowers – added the head of the PiS club. He also said that the 500 plus would not be indexed by the inflation rate, but would be changed.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz / PAP

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