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Local elections 2024. Agata Wojda wins in Kielce

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The candidate of the Civic Coalition, Agata Wojda, defeated Marcin Stępniewski from Law and Justice in Kielce. According to the exit poll conducted by the Polish National Research Group, she received 57.8 percent support. 42.2 percent of voters voted for her rival.

According to the exit poll conducted by the National Research Group for TVP Kielce, Radio Kielce and Echo Dnia, Agata Wojda and Marcin Stępniewski are separated by 15.5 percentage points.

In the first round, the difference between them was just over 8.5% in favor of the KO candidate.

Local elections 2024. Change of president in Kielce

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In Kielce, the incumbent president Bogdan Wenta resigned from running for re-election. Seven candidates fought for the position of mayor of this city.

The KO candidate won 33.63% in the first round. support. In second place (25.05%) was Marcin Stępniewski (PiS).

Third place went to Maciej Bursztein (KWW Maciej Bursztein Przyjazne Kielce), supported by 18.64%. voters. The next places were taken by Kamil Suchański (KWW Suchański Bezpartyjni Koalicja dla Kielc) – 14.26 percent, Adam Cyrański (Trzecia Droga) – 3.73 percent, Marcin Chłodnicki (Lewica) – 3.45 percent and Agata Marjańska (KWW Razem dla Kielce) – 1.24 percent

Kielce 2024 local elections. Who is Agata Wojda?

Agata Wojda is an activist of the Civic Platform, head of the Kielce structures of the group. She is an urban activist and social activist who has been fighting for the rights of LGBTQ people for years. In January, she was appointed as an advisor to the Świętokrzyskie Voivode. From April 2021 to July 2023, she was the deputy mayor of Kielce, and previously also a city councilor for three terms. In the years 2008-2015, she was the spokeswoman of the Świętokrzyskie Voivode, Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba. He is 42 years old.

Wojda emphasized that the key challenge in Kielce is the creation of attractive jobs, which is especially important for young people. – Kielce is a city where you can live comfortably, use good quality public services and have time for family and friends, we just need a new impulse for development. It is also very important that the residents feel proud that they come from Kielce, emphasized Wojda.

Agata Wojda casts her votePAP/Piotr Polak

Wojda declared that if she wins the elections, her first decision will be to withdraw the city from collecting dividends from Targi Kielce so that the company can invest the profits in the development of its own infrastructure.

For a five-year term, she announced intensive cooperation with entrepreneurs and the creation of class A office buildings. She emphasized that her priority is economic development, which “will ensure not only greater professional satisfaction of residents, but also improve the financial condition of the city.” – To achieve this goal, I will quickly create a City Development Office that will gather the most important pro-development areas of the local government. An important element will be a professional Investor Service Center and a special unit for implementing investments in public-private partnership, she noted. She also announced the revitalization of important recreational areas – the Silnica Valley, the City Park and the Kielce reservoir, which is intended to revitalize the city center and improve the quality of life of residents.

Kielce 2024 local elections. Who is Marcin Stępniewski?

Marcin Stępniewski is a 31-year-old lawyer. He has been a city councilor since 2018. He is the chairman of the PiS club in the Kielce City Council. From February 2020 to September 2021, he was an advisor to the Świętokrzyskie Voivode. Then he became the deputy commander of the Świętokrzyskie Volunteer Labor Corps in Kielce.

Stępniewski pointed out that the biggest challenge facing Kielce is the need to solve problems with roads, demography and the lack of a coherent offer for investors. – Moreover, we must get rid of the ubiquitous defeatism in our city and remove the word “impossible” from dictionaries. Kielce has huge potential and it's time to finally start using it so that Kielce's inhabitants can feel proud again when talking about their own city, said Stępniewski.

Marcin Stępniewski casts his votePAP/Piotr Polak

During the campaign, he emphasized the need for reforms and a new look at city management. – Our city requires a number of changes and reforms, as well as, unfortunately, reconstruction in many aspects. Kielce needs a fresh and new look at local government,” the PiS candidate emphasized.

He announced that the first decision after being elected president would be to open the president's office to residents and create task teams that would implement his program “New Vision of Kielce”.

In his vision for the next 5 years, Stępniewski focused on infrastructure and economic development, the creation of new investment areas and the “Location for Renovation” program. – The absolute priority issue, which we will start implementing immediately after taking over as president, will be to start the process of creating the Nowy Malików road, opening 80 hectares of investment areas, which Kielce lacks like air. Another extremely important aspect is the implementation of our “Premises for Renovation” program, which involves offering commercial premises from the city's resources to entrepreneurs or non-governmental organizations for a symbolic PLN 1, said Stępniewski.

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Polak

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