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Local elections 2024. Beata Dudzińska is the president of Piła

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Beata Dudzińska (Civic Coalition) won the election for president of Piła. She won 71.01 percent. votes, and Marcin Porzucek from Law and Justice – 28.99 percent. – reported the National Electoral Commission.

According to data published by the National Electoral Commission, in the second round of elections Dudzińska was supported by 14,548 voters, i.e. 71.01%. voters. In turn, 5,940 residents, i.e. 28.99 percent, voted for Marcin Porzuck. voters. Turnout in Sunday's vote reached 38.59%.

Seven candidates ran for the office of president of Piła in the first round of elections. 12,124 people voted for Dudzińska, i.e. 47.59%. voters. Porzucka was supported by 5,020 voters, i.e. 19.71 percent. voting residents.

She was deputy president and then commissioner

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Beata Dudzińska, running from the Civic Coalition KKW, is 53 years old. He does not belong to a political party. She graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Szczecin, where she studied marketing and management. In the years 2010-2023, she was the deputy president of Piła, responsible for, among others, for the development of the local economy or the implementation of public investments in the city. In 2023, after the election of the then president of Piła, Piotr Głowski, as an MP, in mid-November, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appointed Mateusz Daszkiewicz, former spokesman and advisor to the then voivode of Greater Poland, Michał Zieliński, as Piła's commissioner. At the request of the current Voivode of Greater Poland, Agata Sobczyk, Daszkiewicz was dismissed from his position. Since January, Dudzińska has served as commissioner.

PiS MP Marcin Porzucek, running from the Law and Justice Committee, is 39 years old. The politician is a member of PiS. Porzucek also ran for the president of Piła in the 2018 elections. He then obtained the second result – 21.09%. votes.

Głowski won the previous elections

In the 2018 elections, the then president of Piła, Piotr Głowski (PO), won re-election, winning 65.40% in the first round of elections. support. His main competitor was Marcin Porzucek. In 2018, a total of four candidates fought for the presidential seat in Piła. Błażej Parda (Kukiz'15) got 8.30 percent. votes, and Jan Lus (SLD – Lewica Razem) obtained the support of 5.21%. In 2014, Piotr Głowski won 60.49 percent. votes and won the election in the first round. Four years earlier, he obtained 50.70 percent. votes, defeating President Zbigniew Kosmatka in the first round of local elections.

Main photo source: Facebook / Beata Dudzińska

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