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Local elections 2024. Candidates for the president of Zielona Góra

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The head of the Civic Coalition’s club of councilors is the most serious rival for the position of mayor of Zielona Góra for Janusz Kubicki, who has been ruling the city for 18 years. Law and Justice – a coalition partner of the presidential club in the city council – fielded an “eternal loser”. A former activist of the Municipal Movement also announced his intention to run in the elections.

Janusz Kubicki is running for a fifth term. He has been the president of Zielona Góra since 2006. He is running for the third time from his own committee.

In last elections local government – starting from their own committee and with support PSL – won in the first round with a score of 58.20%. The second result – 17.92 percent. was obtained by the candidate of Law and Justice Piotr Barczak, and the third was Anita Kucharska-Dziedzic from the Municipal Committee of Ruch Miejski Zielona Góra, who received 10.49 percent. important votes. The next positions were taken by Tomasz Nesterowicz z SLD – 7.78 percent votes and Sławomir Kotylak from the Civic Coalition – 5.61 percent.

Janusz Kubicki is again the president of Zielona Góra22/10. | He won the election for president of Zielona Góra in the first round with a result of 58.20%. the current president of this city, Janusz Kubicki – results from the final results published by the National Electoral Commission. This will be his fourth term in office. He ran in the elections from his own committee, which also won the elections to the city council.TVN 24 Poznań

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In 2015, Kubicki also won in the first round, obtaining 68.26%. votes. At that time, he also ran from his own committee, but with the official support of the Civic Platform, which did not field its candidate. Together with politicians of this party, he successfully sought to enlarge Zielona Góra, which took place on January 1, 2014 and resulted in the postponement of the elections to June 2015.

Previously, he won the presidential elections twice as a candidate of the Democratic Left Alliance. However, he left the SLD after the parliamentary elections in 2011 and is now an independent politician. In 2010, he also won the election for the mayor of Zielona Góra in the first round.

Kubicki can boast that in the last term of office the southern bypass was built, a swimming pool is being built in Ochla (called “Hurghada” by his opponents), and the speedway Falubaz returned to the top league. But on the other hand, Kubicki may be harmed by the hazardous waste fire in Przylep. And the fact that he supported the business for a long time Łukasz Mejzawhich is now – at least officially – distanced itself from the coalition with PiS in the city council.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, Kubicki is to appoint a committee to the city council. It will have the date 2050 in its name, which suggests links with the party Szymon Hołownia and may confuse some Third Way voters. It has not announced its candidate yet.

“It’s time to clean up after all the bad things that have happened here all these years.”

The Civic Coalition against Kubicki chose the head of the councilors’ club – Marcin Pabierowski. – Zielona Góra needs changes, it needs fresh air. Zielona Góra should be open to investors, it should be managed efficiently and economically, it should be a green city, open to its inhabitants and to society. This is not the case today. During Mr. Kubicki’s rule, Zielona Góra is dramatically in debt, repels investors, there are no new economic zones, and social participation practically does not function. Zielona Góra does not deserve it – argues the KO candidate.

Pabierowski’s professional interests include: firefighting as a fire protection inspector, design and construction supervision. He has construction qualifications to design and manage construction works. He is an active member of the professional self-government organization of Construction Engineers. He is a member of the District Council of the Lubusz District Chamber of Construction Engineers.

Pabierowski is personally supported by MP Elżbieta Polak, who until last year was the marshal of the Lubusz Voivodeship and has repeatedly clashed with the current president of Zielona Góra.

– There is no place for Janusz Kubicki’s dictatorship. It’s time to clean up after all the bad things that have happened here all these years. Marcin Pabierowski is very close to the people of Zielona Góra. Two terms of office as a councilor, he knows the affairs of the residents of our city perfectly and accurately points out all of Janusz Kubicki’s mistakes. Moreover, he is charismatic and brave. It was Marcin Pabierowski who bravely stood by me as an expert when we had a terrible hazardous waste fire in Przylep. Not everyone could afford it. This matter still requires great care from the city manager, said Polak.

Former chairman of the Zielona Góra city council, Adam Urbaniak, calls the upcoming elections “the battle for Zielona Góra”. – civil Platform has been preparing for this for many years (…) We have to take back Zielona Góra from you know who. We must take back Zielona Góra for finally fair social participation, reasonableness in granting subsidies to support sports clubs, honest approach to entrepreneurs, logic and sense in investments. Marcin is the guarantor of this, not only because it can all be written nicely in the program, but also because he has been trying to present these solutions to the council for two terms – he said.

Marcin PabierowskiMarcin Pabierowski

“It’s time to actively search for investors of the future”

Law and Justice decided to go against Janusz Kubicki Grzegorz Maćkowiak.

“We need an economic strategy for the next dozen or so years. In the era of emerging New Space industries, quantum computers and semiconductors, it is time to actively seek investors of the future. The current approach and development model of Our City does not guarantee success,” he wrote on Facebook when announcing the launch.

Maćkowiak is 36 years old. He was the head of the PiS youth wing in Zielona Góra, most recently an advisor to the Lubusz Voivode, Władysław Dajczak. For years he was an assistant to MP Asta and worked in his office. He belongs to the Piłsudczyk Association of the Republic of Poland.

“Grzegorz Maćkowiak seems to combine youth with experience, which is an important element in building bridges between different generations, which is crucial for the harmonious development of the community. We believe that his candidacy can bring positive changes and inspire residents to actively participate in shaping the future of the city,” he says. Marek Ast, PiS MP from Zielona Góra.

Grzegorz Maćkowiak with MPs Marek Ast (left) and Jerzy Materna (right)Facebook.com/Grzegorz Maćkowiak – Local government official

In last year’s parliamentary elections, Maćkowiak was a candidate for the Senate. He clearly lost the fight for the mandate to Mirosław Różycki. 59.15% of voters voted for the Third Way candidate. voters, for Maćkowiak – 24.79 percent

Before the elections, he also lost to Różański in court – he had to apologize to him for his words in an interview for “Gazeta Lubuska”, suggesting that, according to General Różański, “not everyone has to defend the country during a war.”

In 2018, he ran for the Zielona Góra city council. He had second place on the list and achieved the same result. Only the leader of the PiS list in the district received a councilor’s mandate.

A social activist runs from his own committee

A social activist also runs in the elections from his own committee Adam Hreszczyk. The 49-year-old is a former activist of the Zielona Góra Municipal Movement, with which, as he says, he broke up a year ago because other members were not satisfied with his non-leftist views.

He describes them as centrist. For years he has been fighting, among others, with the cutting down of trees in the city and criticizes urban investments – in his opinion, unnecessary and overscale. He is an avid cyclist. He works in the IT industry. “If ordinary residents do not get together, the city will continue to be in the hands of people pursuing their own interests, instead of taking care of what is important to us and controlling officials,” he argues.

Adam Hreszczykfacebook.com / Reports Adam Hreszczyka

Trzecia Droga and have not presented their candidates yet New Left.

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