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Local elections 2024. Exit poll election results: how individual professional groups voted

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Law and Justice had no equal, taking into account the votes of farmers themselves – 57.3 percent – in the 2024 local elections – according to an exit poll by Ipsos. The Civic Coalition, in turn, was chosen by 39.5 percent. voting owners and co-owners of companies and 39.1 percent directors, managers and specialists. We check the results in individual professional groups.

According to the Ipsos exit poll, Law and Justice won 33.7% of votes in the provincial assemblies nationwide. support, and the second Civic Coalition – 31.9 percent. Third was Third Road with 13.5%. votes.

Confederation took further places – 7.5%. votes, Left – 6.8 percent, Non-Party Local Government Workers – 2.7 percent.

Other electoral committees obtained a total of 3.9% in the elections to the provincial assemblies. votes.

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Local elections 2024. Exit poll: how individual professional groups voted

According to the exit poll, PiS clearly won among farmers, winning 57.3 percent. votes, leaving third road (15.1%) and KO (9.6%) defeated. This is the biggest difference in individual professional groups.

Compared to the previous local elections, PiS even increased support among farmers – in 2018 it obtained 45.3%. At that time, PSL was second (27.2%), which now, starting with Szymon Hołownia's Polska 2050 as Third Road, lost over 12 percentage points of support.

Law and Justice also won among workers (44.5%), also significantly ahead of the second placed Civic Coalition (19.6%), unemployed (42.5%) and among retirees and pensioners (42.6%).

PiS was not convinced by this students and students. In this group, Jarosław Kaczyński's party took third place with 17.9 percent support. Third Way was second (18.1%), the best result belonged to the Civic Coalition (28.9%).

The Civic Coalition was their favorite choice owners and co-owners of the company (39.5%), directors, steering wheel, specialists (39.1%) and administration or service workers (31.8%).

The first exit poll results for the 2024 local elections:

Law and Justice – 33.7 percent,

Civic Coalition – 31.9 percent,

Third Way – 13.5 percent,

Confederation and Nonpartisan Local Government – 7.5 percent,

Nonpartisan Local Government Association – 2.7 percent,

Other committees – 3.9 percent.

According to Ipsos data turnout in local elections was 51.5 percent.

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Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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