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Local elections 2024. Faulty voting cards in Warsaw

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Photos of defective ballots began to appear on social media. The chairwoman of the National Electoral Office, Magdalena Pietrzak, confirmed that there was a problem with a package of 500 cards in Warsaw. She assured that they had been withdrawn and new ones had been ordered.

– Yesterday there was already such information, which appeared somewhere, also in the media in Warsaw. There was a situation where one of the cards for the regional council was cut incorrectly, Pietrzak said at a press conference of the National Electoral Commission.

A reprint has been ordered

She added that it was one pack of 500 cards. She emphasized that in this case all procedures worked. – When the district commission receives cards on the eve of the vote, it is obliged to check not only the number of cards it has received, but also the content – emphasized the head of the National Bureau of Investigation.

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She said that the coordinator appointed in Warsaw for a given district was immediately informed and passed this information on. The faulty cards were withdrawn and new cards were ordered.

– This morning we also had such information in several communes that only then did they notice to the commission that something on the card was not correct – said Pietrzak. She added that also in these cases the cards were ordered to be reprinted and delivered.

“Unnecessary disinformation”

Referring to the photo of the card from Warsaw circulating on the Internet, she said that it was one photo that was sent to coordinators, which coordinators later forwarded to all district commissions so that they could check their received ballots. She described its release to the media as unnecessary disinformation that only causes concern. – All procedures worked – she emphasized.

When asked if voting started late anywhere, she replied that there was one such case in Warsaw when the premises were opened late because a committee member was not present and probably did not have the key to the premises. She added that it was quickly repaired and the premises were reopened.

Local government elections

During Sunday's vote, Poles choose nearly 47,000. members of commune councils, city councils, district councils and provincial assemblies and almost 2.5 thousand. commune heads, mayors and city presidents. Warsaw residents also vote on the composition of district councils. You can vote at the polling station from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Where the vote on the election of commune heads, mayors and city presidents is inconclusive, a second round of voting will be held on April 21.

There is an election silence period until the end of voting, which can be extended if the voting itself is extended due to extraordinary events (e.g. flood or construction disaster).

Main photo source: PAP/Jakub Kaczmarczyk

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