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Local elections 2024. Fierce competition in Radom. The second round will decide everything

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A second round of elections will be necessary to elect the president of Radom. In the first, the current president, Radosław Witkowski (Radomski Pact Samorządowy), received the support of 43.2 percent of voters, and his opponent Artur Standowicz (Law and Justice) – 26.3 percent. This is the result of an exit poll conducted by the National Research Group on behalf of LokalnaPolityka.pl.

Radosław Witkowski announced the results published by the National Research Group during the election evening.

The next places were taken by: Robert Prygiel – 18.6 percent, Marta Ratuszyńska – 5 percent, Rafał Foryś – 3.2 percent, Agata Pater – 2.7 percent and Jarosław Kowalik – 1 percent.

Local elections 2024. Second round in Radom

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Radosław Witkowski is fighting for a third term as president of Radom. In the elections, he was supported by the Radom Local Government Pact signed by KO, Polska 2050, PSL, Nowa Lewica and the Nonpartisan Radomians Association.

Radosław Witkowski will fight for the presidency of Radom in the second roundRadosław Witkowski's Facebook

In the years 2007-2014, Witkowski was an MP of the Civic Platform, and since 2014 he has been the president of Radom. In 2014, in the second round of the presidential elections, he defeated Andrzej Costowniak from PiS, who was running for re-election. In the 2018 local elections, he won in the second round against PiS candidate Wojciech Skurkiewicz. Witkowski was supported by 53 percent of voters and received 46,650 votes.

Artur Standowicz will fight for the presidency of Radom in the second roundArtur Standowicz's Facebook

Main photo source: Facebook of Radosław Witkowski and Artur Standowicz

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