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Local elections 2024. Foreign media comment on the results

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On Sunday at 21, along with the electoral silence, the first round of local government elections ended. In several cities, the presidential candidates will face off again on April 21.

The local elections attracted the attention of not only Polish society and the media, but also foreign portals and news agencies.

“The nationalist opposition Law and Justice (PiS) party took first place in Poland's local elections, Sunday's exit poll showed. thwarting the plans and ambitions of Prime Minister Donald Tusk“to strengthen their power” – this is how Reuters assessed Sunday's elections in Poland.

Moreover, Reuters noted that “although (in the parliamentary elections – editor) PiS overtook KO, it was still far behind the combined result of the three parties forming the ruling coalition and he seemed likely to lose power in some regional governments“. The agency also emphasized that RafaƂ Trzaskowski he secured his victory again in Warsawand according to political commentators, the result of the president of the capital “strengthened his chances of being nominated to run for the office of President of Poland” in next year's elections.

Trzaskowski himself, asked on Sunday after the announcement of the Ipsos exit poll results about the presidential election, admitted on Polsat News that he was currently focusing on matters related to Warsaw.

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The Associated Press wrote, in turn, that the local elections took place “the first electoral test for Donald Tusk's government”. It was also emphasized that the exit poll, although it has a margin of error, shows that Law and Justice remains a political force to be reckoned with in a country of 38 million people.

On Sunday evening, Politico published an article titled “PiS leads in local elections, but has no political control.” The publication pointed out that although polls indicate PiS will win, “the ruling coalition will probably maintain power in most of Poland's 16 voivodeships.”

We read further that PiS “bounced back from the October defeat” – when, despite winning the parliamentary elections, it did not have a majority in the Sejm.

Local government election results. Exit poll

Z Ipsos exit poll for Telewizja Polsat, TVN and TVP, published on Sunday evening, shows that Law and Justice can count on in local elections to provincial assemblies 33.7 percent support. In addition PiS achieved the best percentage results in six of the 16 provincial assemblies.

Exit poll Ipsos for Polsat, TVN, TVP

Turnout 51.5%


Non-partisan local government officials

The Civic Coalition took second place with the result – 31.9%. support. The party obtained the largest number of votes in 10 assemblies. She was the last one on the podium Third Way with support of 13.5 percent.

Confederation, for which 7.5 percent voted. voters, took fourth place, and the Left won the support of 6.8 percent. people. The last place was taken Non-Party Local Government Officials. According to the Ipsos poll, they voted for them 2.7 percent voters. The remaining electoral committees – according to the exit poll – can count on a total of 3.9%. votes.

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Magdalena Biejat: We presented a program that other candidates enjoyed/Polsat News/Polsat News

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