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Local elections 2024. How did the youngest and seniors vote?

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The younger the voters, the more willing they were to vote for the Civic Coalition. Law and Justice could count on the voices of people over 50 years of age. In the previous local elections, it won in three age groups.

According to the Ipsos exit poll, Law and Justice won 33.7% of votes in the provincial assemblies nationwide. support, and the second Civic Coalition 31.9 percent. Third was Third Road with 13.5%. votes.

Confederation took further places – 7.5%. votes, Left – 6.8 percent, Non-Party Local Government Workers – 2.7 percent.

Other electoral committees obtained a total of 3.9% in the elections to the provincial assemblies. votes.

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Local elections 2024. Exit poll: how individual groups of voters voted

According to the exit poll, the youngest group of voters (aged 18 to 29) was most likely to choose the candidates of the Civic Coalition – they gained support of 24.2 percent.

KO could also count on the greatest support among the next two age groups – 30 and 39 years old (28.3%) and 40-49 years old (32.8%).

Law and Justice was most likely to be supported by older voters from the age groups 50-59 (38.3%) and 60 and over (42.5%).

Compared to the previous local elections in 2018, there was a change in the 40-49 age group. At that time, PiS obtained the most votes among these voters (30.2%), ahead of the second Civic Coalition (29.5%).

The first exit poll results for the 2024 local elections:

Law and Justice – 33.7 percent,

Civic Coalition – 31.9 percent,

Third Way – 13.5 percent,

Confederation and Nonpartisan Local Government – 7.5 percent,

Nonpartisan Local Government Association – 2.7 percent,

Other committees – 3.9 percent.

According to Ipsos data turnout in local elections was 51.5 percent.

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