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Local elections 2024. Katarzyna Kotula: where the Left rules in local government, there will be no conscience clause

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Today we can promise that where the Left rules in local government, there will be no conscience clause, said Katarzyna Kotula, Minister of Equality, at the press conference of the New Left regarding the local government elections. – We are prepared to fight to win at least 10 percent – emphasized Włodzimierz Czarzasty, co-chairman of the New Left. The Left announced that it would start its campaign on March 3 in Wrocław.

– Today we can promise that wherever the Left rules in local government – in a voivodeship, in a district, in a city, in a commune, there will definitely be no conscience clause, for example. No woman will be sent away empty-handed. Every woman will find support, help and be sure that her rights will be respected, Kotula declared on Saturday.

She emphasized that “The Left in local governments also means that councilors and our councillors, our presidents and our mayors will guarantee that every woman will have access to free prenatal tests, but will also have access to anesthesia during childbirth, because we will also provide this watch”.

Press conference of the New LeftTVN24

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– Today, the Left is a force that focuses on real pro-family policy. No children will be born today, and the demographic collapse will deepen if we do not build cheap apartments for rent. There will be no good pro-family policy without focusing on good public services, she said.

Czarzasty: The Left has finished creating lists at the regional council level

Co-chairman of the New Left Włodzimierz Czarzasty informed that the Left “has completed today the creation of lists at the regional council level.” – The left is ready. The left working in the committee together with all left-wing parties – he added.

– We want to tell everyone clearly and precisely that we are prepared to fight to get at least 10 percent. Because we know that if the Left wins 10 percent, it will not win in any regional council PIS he will not rule, this is clear from research, this is clear from analyses, Czarzasty emphasized.

He emphasized that for the Left, cooperation with partners is the most important. – But democracy has already arrived in Poland after October 15, now we are starting to fight what a democratic Poland should ultimately look like – this is where we will differ, here we have different priorities from our partners in many issues, we have a lot in common in terms of Poland, but we also have a lot of differences – he emphasized.

Czarzasty: There are no well-functioning public services without housing

He said that one of the most important issues for the Left are public services. – There are no good public services without well-functioning hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens. There are no well-functioning public services without housing, he said.

He announced that the Left’s program of building cheap apartments is valid. – We will not give it up one inch, no matter what programs our friends from the government coalition have. We will fight for it. We believe that this will solve housing problems in Poland, he said.

He repeated that Magdalena Biejat is the Left’s candidate for president of Warsaw. – We don’t do it because we want to fight Rafał Trzaskowski. That’s not the point. We do not attack our friends, we do not attack our coalition partners, there will be no ad hominem arguments, none. We want a city where the roads will look better, we want a city that is more resident-friendly, we want a city where there will be fewer empty buildings and at the same time the cost of renting an apartment will be PLN 4,000-5,000. We want a city with cheap apartments for rent. We simply want to live better, said the co-chairman of the New Left.

The Left’s campaign will start on March 3

Left MP Arkadiusz Sikora announced that “The Left will issue over 200 lists at the poviat and commune levels under its banner.” “These lists will include members and supporters of the party and people supporting the Left. There will be over 10,000 people. (…) We will start our election campaign on March 3 in Wrocław. Our program will be presented there, which, I am convinced, will reach our voters, to the inhabitants of cities, villages and towns – he said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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