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Local elections 2024. Politicians mobilize the electorate

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We made mistakes, there is no point in crying, we have to move forward – said Jarosław Kaczyński on Sunday at a meeting with voters. The next elections are on the horizon and the campaign has not slowed down even for a moment. Emotions have not subsided either, which was visible at the meeting of the PiS president.

When he went to the voters at the meeting in Leżajsk on Sunday, Jarosław Kaczyński probably knew the results the latest CBOS survey. Currently, PiS can count on support of 22 percent. This is two percentage points less than in the last survey and as much as seven points behind the Civic Coalition, which is leading in the polls. Third Road is growing, reducing the distance to PiS. However, at least for now, Jarosław Kaczyński has no new answer. – An accident happened. We also beat our chests because we made some mistakes. But there was an accident, but you don’t have to cry after an accident. Anyone who has been hurt or injured must be treated. And at the same time, we need to keep moving forward, said the PiS president in Leżajsk.

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In his speech, Jarosław Kaczyński talked a lot about the farmers’ protest. He repeated old slogans about Donald Tusk’s German party and that only a return to PiS rule can guarantee Poland’s development. In practice, it is only an attempt to mobilize the hard core electorate to minimize losses after losing power.

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Then there was time for a few questions. The first one concerned the Smolensk disaster. One of the people asked the PiS president where the wreck was and accused him of creating the Smolensk lie. A verbal fight broke out in the room. The PiS president also responded. – This is a classic example of the fact that even in this room there are Putin’s people, because this is Putin’s great defense – said Jarosław Kaczyński.

Kaczyński: Where is the wreck? Of course, with PutinTVN24

Important vote

The upcoming local government elections are extremely important. – The government is not everything. There must also be a local government that will cooperate with the government – emphasizes Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Sejm from PSL-Trzecia Droga.

The government coalition, and especially Donald Tusk, will build its local government campaign on the billions in KPO that the European Commission has just unlocked for Poland. – The point is to spend the money well, so that the money is not an element of blackmail, buying votes, handing out seats – emphasizes Agnieszka Pomaska ​​from PO.

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The local elections are the first chance for Donald Tusk and the leaders of the Civic Coalition to obtain a better result than PiS. The first one in almost 10 years.

Victory will give them fuel for the next elections, which will be held just two months later. The leaders of Third Way are in a similar situation, reaching out to disappointed PiS voters and strengthening their third position in the polls. – We do not hide the fact that among politicians, but also among voters of the Polish People’s Party, there are people with conservative views – adds Piotr Zgorzelski.

The upcoming local government elections are a test of the effectiveness of each leader’s current policy, because a poor result in the April 7 elections may start internal discussions within the party and undermine the direction in which the leaders are leading their groups.

Main photo source: PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

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