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Local elections 2024. Przemysław Wipler comments on his result

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Przemysław Wipler, Confederation's candidate for president of Warsaw, said the result he obtained was “acceptable”. According to the poll, Wipler won 3.9 percent of the votes.

According to an exit poll published on Sunday evening by Ipsos, nationwide, in the elections to voivodeship assemblies, the Confederation, which concluded an electoral agreement with activists of the Non-Party Local Government, obtained 7.5 percent. Elections for the president of Warsaw in the first round, Rafał Trzaskowski wins with a result of 59.8%, and Przemysław Wipler received 3.9%. votes.

– The result could have been better. I wish it was better. However, we can also say that in such a difficult area as Warsaw it is acceptable – commented Wipler.

When asked about his plans, he announced that he would work very intensively in the parliamentary club. – The head of our parliamentary club will most likely run in the European elections, so I will have even more work at this level – he added.

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He “was counting on more” in the assemblies

Przemysław Wipler also assessed the Confederation's result in the elections to voivodeship assemblies. In response to the question whether he expected such a number, he said he expected more.

– I hope that in the morning, when the real results come in, the result will be better. Although we were afraid that it might also get worse and that we would not defend our results in the parliamentary elections, he said.

– We have the feeling that we dumped two tons of coal into the basement and that we managed as a team, as a team, and that we managed to convince Poles who trusted us to stay with us in these very difficult elections – added Wipler.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymański

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