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Local elections 2024. The ten most interesting facts

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We know the full results of the local government elections. Late in the evening, the National Electoral Commission published data from 100 percent of the precincts on its website. Here are the ten most interesting facts about this year's elections.

1. The situation in the assemblies

In the assemblies in seven voivodeships, Law and Justice received the greatest support, and in the remaining nine – the Civic Coalition. However, not everywhere where PiS achieved the highest result, politicians from Jarosław Kaczyński's party have a comfortable situation.

In Podlasie, they need a Confederation councilor to rule. In Mazovia and Łódź, it is more likely that the coalition of KO and Trzecia Droga will take power because PiS does not have an independent majority there. In such a system, PiS would have power in five voivodeships, and the October 15 coalition in eleven. We also know the number of all seats to local assemblies across the country.

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2. In Gdynia, the second round without Szczurek

The second round of elections for the mayor of the city will be held in Gdynia. It includes Aleksandra Kosiorek from the Gdynia Dialog Federation and Tadeusz Szemiesz from the Civic Coalition.

Wojciech Szczurek, who ran for the seventh term, is saying goodbye to the city's mayor. He has served as the president of Gdynia continuously since 1998. In Sunday's elections, he won 23.53 percent. votes.

Wojciech SzczurekPiotr Matusewicz/PAP

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3. Izabela Bodnar is fighting for the presidency of Wrocław

The current president of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, will face Izabela Bodnar in the second round of the elections for the president of Wrocław. Only 4.5 percentage points separate the incumbent president from the Third Way candidate. Sutryk won 34.33 percent. votes. Bodnar has the support of 29.80 percent. voters.

Since 2022, Izabela Bodnar has been the president of the management board of the Wroc ma Moc foundation. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, her foundation helped and coordinated support for refugees from Ukraine. In October last year, Izabela Bodnar became a member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland from the Wrocław constituency from the Third Way list.

Jacek Sutryk and Izabela Bodnar will face each other in the second round in WrocławPAP/Maciej Kulczyński

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4. Ten to zero in the councils of the largest cities

We analyzed the results of elections to the councils of the ten largest cities in Poland. Conclusions? The advantage of the Civic Coalition is overwhelming – with a minor exception, councilors in every metropolis can govern without seeking a coalition. Even in cities where this has not happened before.

– Councilors of the Civic Coalition collected a bonus for last year's winning parliamentary elections. Elections are not won by the one who has the most votes, but by the one who takes power. For the same reason, I estimate that PiS also lost this year, because its influence in local governments has diminished even more – says Dr. Paweł Stępień, a political scientist from the University of Łódź.

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5. Not obvious situation in Krakow

24 people from the Civic Coalition list received a mandate in Krakow, which gives them a safe majority in the council, which consists of 43 people. Although purely theoretically, it may turn out that people from the Left who joined the KO list will try to create their own club in the council. These are three councilors. Without them, there is no KO absolute majority anymore.

The new council will lack several local government veterans. Małgorzata Jantos, who had been a member of the council continuously since 2002, did not get elected to the local body. Stanisław Zięba from Law and Justice and Teodozja Maliszewska, a councilor from the last three terms, who ran from Andrzej Kulig's ticket, also did not get to the council. Kazimierz Chrzanowski, a former SLD MP who has been associated with the local government since the 1990s, will also say goodbye to the city council.

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6. Former curator in the assembly of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship

Barbara Nowak, a controversial former Małopolska education superintendent, will receive a mandate as a councilor in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship assembly. This is indicated by the results published on the National Electoral Commission website from all electoral districts in Małopolska. The PiS politician and former official, running from the third place on the Law and Justice list in Krakow, received 12,842 votes. This is the second highest result – the best, amounting to 42,971 votes, was obtained by the father of the President of the Republic of Poland, Jan Tadeusz Duda.

Barbara Nowak managed to overtake the former deputy voivode of Lesser Poland, Mateusz Małodziński, who obtained 7,190 votes, almost half as many as the former curator. As PiS will receive only two seats in Krakow, it will not enter the regional council.

Barbara NowakArt Service/PAP

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7. Draw in Brody

In Brody (Lubusz Voivodeship), the mayoral elections were to be decided in one round, because only two candidates decided to run. But unexpectedly it was a draw.

If the votes are not recounted or there is a tie after the recount, the overtime on April 21 will decide who will become the mayor of Brody.

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8. Overtime in Zielona Góra, the current president in second place

Marcin Pabierowski from the Civic Coalition won in the first round of the elections for the president of Zielona Góra (Lubusz Voivodeship) against Janusz Kubicki, who has been in office for 18 years. As the votes were 42.74 to 35.95 percent, the winner of the city will be decided by a runoff in two weeks.

Kubicki does not hide his disappointment with the result. He calls his defeat against Pabierowski in the first round “a bucket of cold, icy water poured over his head.” “I didn't think there would be a second round, that I would lose to Marcin. This is the truth without beating around the bush. What's next? You can do two things. One, sit down and start crying over spilled milk, wringing your hands, looking for someone to blame, worrying about what's it has already happened and it cannot be undone. You can also do something else, you can, like a boxer who went to the ring and fell to the boards in the first round, go down for a break, shake it off and… and continue fighting. Because the fight is not over yet. finished, you can lose the round, but you have to win the whole battle. That's what I'm going to do,” he wrote on Facebook.

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9. In Bełchatów, the choice between PiS and Confederation

There will be a second round in the elections for the mayor of Bełchatów (Łódź Voivodeship). The current president, Mariola Czechowska, and Patryk Marjan from New Hope, part of the Confederation, will compete – supported by PiS.

Voters who voted for KO's candidate in the first round and will also want to go to the polls on April 21 will have a big dilemma, because both PiS and Konfederacja are at opposite political poles to KO.

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10. Women can rule the Tricity

In Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz won the presidential elections, obtaining nearly 58%. votes. In turn, in Sopot, voters chose Magdalena Czarzyńska-Jachim.

The second round of elections will be held in Gdynia. It includes Aleksandra Kosiorek from the Gdynia Dialog Federation and Tadeusz Szemiesz from the Civic Coalition. Kosiorek's possible victory will mean that Tricity will be ruled by women.

Main photo source: PAP/Jakub Kaczmarczyk

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