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Local elections 2024. Who wants to rule in the largest cities in Poland? Warsaw, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Poznań and Gdańsk

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The last days of the election campaign are ahead of us. 30 male and eight female candidates are competing in the six largest Polish cities. Even before the vote, it is known that the change will take place in Krakow, where as many as nine candidates stood in the competition. The shortest list of candidates for the city hall is in Łódź and Poznań.

Warsaw – six volunteers

We start our review of those willing to take over power in the largest Polish metropolises from the capital. Except for the one running for re-election Rafał Trzaskowski The National Electoral Commission registered the senator Magdalena Biejatformer voivode of Masovia Tobiasz BocheńskiMP Przemysław Wipler, Janusz Korwin-Mikke and Romuald Starosielec.

/Read profiles of each candidate/

Candidates they faced each other in a debate organized by TVP Info. Earlier – but without the participation of the incumbent president – they confronted each other in several debates organized in private media. When asked about his absence, Rafał Trzaskowski argued that “there was always one debate” – and it could have been organized in the public media, which – as he noted at a press conference last week – “have ceased to be PiS's propaganda mouthpiece.” During the debate, the candidates were asked about, among others, education, transport, health, safety, housing and worldview. There was also a “cricket” throw and a question about books to read on the subway.

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Is Rafał Trzaskowski sure of winning in Warsaw? “It all depends on turnout” Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska/Fakty TVN

Kraków – a list of candidates that stands out from the others

In Krakow, the list of people willing to take over the president's chair is the longest of all large Polish cities. Perhaps because Jacek Majchrowski, who ruled the town near Wawel for the last 22 years, is no longer running for re-election. He anointed one of the vice presidents as his successor – Andrzej Kulig.

He will fight for electoral success with another vice president – Jerzy Muzyk. His launch caused a lot of emotion among the outgoing president, who said it was an “irrational decision.” Four MPs will face the vice presidents – Konrad Berkowicz (Confederation, KWW Konfederacja and Nonpartisan Self-Government), Łukasz Kmita (PiS, Electoral Committee of Law and Justice), Rafał Komarewicz (Polska 2050, KWW Rafał Komarewicza Kraków Trzecia Droga), Aleksander Miszalski (PO, KWW Civic Coalition).

The list of nine candidates is complemented by: a councilor and a city activist Łukasz Gibała (KWW Łukasz Gibała – Krakow for Residents) (supported by the Razem party), Adam Hareńczyk (KWW Zpokojeni dla Krakowie) – lawyer, entrepreneur, urban activist; Stanisław Mazur (KWW Stanisława Mazura) – political scientist, rector of the University of Economics.

Kraków is the only large city in Poland where no woman is running for president.

/Read the profiles of each of the Krakow candidates/

Andrzej Kulig: I have a dream of a comfortable and democratic Krakow

Andrzej Kulig: I have a dream of a comfortable and democratic KrakowTVN24

Wrocław – a race with six participants

Ultimately, six candidates ran for the office, including the current mayor of the city Jacek Sutryk (has the support of, among others, the Civic Coalition).

Apart from the current president of Wrocław, five candidates are running for the seat. He is among those willing to take the president's seat Izabela Bodnar, who is running from the Third Way committee (PSL, Poland 2050). The next candidate is a councilor from Wrocław Robert Grzechnikwho is running in the presidential elections on behalf of the Confederation.

Łukasz Kasztelowicz he is running from the Law and Justice election committee. Currently, he is the president of the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Wrocław. The Nonpartisan Local Government Association has registered as its candidate Jerzy Michalak. The list of participants in the electoral race ends with a lawyer from Wrocław Gregory Prigan. He is a presidential candidate from the Wrocław inhabitants for Wrocław inhabitants committee.

/Who wants to rule Wrocław? Read the profiles/

The Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, has the official support of the Civic Platform

The Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, has the official support of the Civic Platform

Łódź – most candidates

In Łódź, the government that has been in power since 2010 seems to have the greatest chance Hanna Zdanowska. During the last local elections, she won in the first round with over 70 percent of the votes.

"This will be my last term"

“This will be my last term”TVN24

Three women and one man are trying to make it not so easy this year. He is running for president on behalf of the Confederation Klaudia Domagałais also running in the election race Małgorzata Niewiadomska-CudakŁódź councilor from the Independent Social Democrats club and Third Way candidate, MP Ewa Szymanowska. She became the PiS candidate for the mayor of Łódź Agnieszka Wojciechowska van Heukelom – a social activist from Łódź, and currently an MP of this party.

The list of candidates is completed by the only man in this group Janusz Wdzięczak. He is an economist who runs under the banner of the Electoral Committee of Voters Energia Łodzi. This committee brings together social activists, entrepreneurs, doctors and architects.

/Zdanowska and four will fail – read the profiles/

Poznań – chasing the favorite

There is only one favorite in the race for the mayor of Poznań – Jacek Jaśkowiak, who has been ruling the city for eight years. But in 2014 it also seemed that no one could beat Ryszard Grobelny. But it happened differently.

Grobelny: I will not run for president of Poznań

Grobelny: I will not run for president of Poznań07/05. | Former president of Poznań Ryszard Grobelny does not intend to fight for this position again. He will support his former official in the next elections. – It is worth offering Poznań something more than just the “PiS or PO” dilemma – announces Jarosław Pucek.TVN 24 Poznań

This year's surprise candidate will be the candidate of the United Right Zbigniew CzerwińskThird Way candidate Przemysław Plewiński, candidate of the New Left Beata Urbańska and the candidate of Social Poznań Łukasz Garczewski. The first two criticize the organization of the renovations that are nearing completion. And this was the leitmotif at the start of their campaign.

/Read more about Poznań candidates/

Gdańsk – six candidates against the current president

Our review of candidates for the most important local government position in the largest cities ends in Gdańsk. Seven candidates have officially confirmed their participation in the elections for the mayor of Gdańsk.

Apart from the current president of Gdańsk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz (Civic Coalition and KWW Everything for Gdańsk), running: former councilor Mariusz Andrzejczak (KWW Mariusz Andrzejczak Dla Gdańsk), cardiologist and specialist in internal diseases Andrzej Pecka (KWW Wspólna Droga), entrepreneur Tomasz Rakowski (Law and Justice), employee of the Marshal's Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in Gdańsk Adam Szczepański (KWW Społeczny Gdańsk), director of the Konfederacja press office Michał Urbaniak and entrepreneur Artur Szostak (KWW I Love Gdańsk – Independent Candidates).

/See the profiles of Gdańsk candidates/

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz encourages you to participate in local government elections. "Poland is worth civic attention"

Aleksandra Dulkiewicz encourages you to participate in local government elections. “Poland is worth civic interest”TVN24

Main photo source: tvn24.pl

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