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Local elections 2024. Who won in the largest cities

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In Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski was unrivaled and decided the presidential mandate in the first round. It was similar in Gdańsk and Katowice. The vote in Krakow ended surprisingly, with the best result (39.4 percent of votes) achieved by Civic Coalition MP Aleksander Miszalski. Electoral overtime will also be needed in Poznań, Wrocław and Rzeszów. We summarize what the fight for the most important positions in local governments looks like.

Warsaw – no surprise

Rafał Trzaskowski (Civic Coalition) won the elections for the mayor of Warsaw. According to Ipsos exit poll data, he won 59.8 percent of the votes.

The second result was obtained by Tobiasz Bocheński (Law and Justice) – 18.5 percent. Third place went to Magdalena Biejat (Left and Urban Movements), winning 15.8 percent of the votes. Fourth was Przemysław Wipler – 3.9 percent, and fifth was Janusz Korwin-Mikke (Bezpartyjni) – 1.5 percent. Romuald Starosielc (Ruch Repair Poland) was supported by 0.5 percent of voters.

– There was great mobilization again. This mobilization will be needed every day, because it is not only about the elections. The point here is that Prime Minister Donald Tusk, and the entire government, faces a truly hellishly difficult task, including all those who co-create the government today, said the mayor of Warsaw after the end of the electoral silence.

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Krakow: an unexpected winner

In the second round, the non-party Łukasz Gibała and Aleksander Miszalski from the Civic Coalition will face each other in the second round.

Preliminary election results indicate that the KO MP has the highest support – in the first round he obtained 39.4 percent. votes, while the leader of Krakow for Residents took second place with the support of 28.4 percent.

Miszalski after the first round: Krakow's residents want the change to be real, calculated and well-thought-out

The exit poll results indicate that PiS MP and former voivode of Lesser Poland, Łukasz Kmita, was in third place (14.7%). The incumbent vice-president Andrzej Kulig – non-partisan, supported by PSL and Jacek Majchrowski, who is leaving office, obtained a result of 8.3 percent in this survey.

Wrocław – Jacek Sutryk is in the lead, but the race is not over

According to the exit poll results of the local government elections, the incumbent president of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, won the first round of elections in the capital of Lower Silesia. He won 38.9 percent. votes. The victory is not so impressive that there is no need to organize an electoral runoff. In the second round, she will face Izabela Bodnar (Trzecia Droga), for whom 31.4 percent voted. voters.

Jacek Sutryk wins in Wrocław.  There will be a second round

Jacek Sutryk wins in Wrocław. There will be a second round07/04TVN24

Next came: Łukasz Kasztelowicz (Law and Justice) – 13.7 percent. votes, Jerzy Michalak (Non-Party Local Government Workers) – 7.9 percent. votes, Robert Grzechnik (Confederation) – 4.9 percent votes and Grzegorz Prigan (Wrocław inhabitants for Wrocław inhabitants) – 3.2 percent. votes.

Poznań – Jacek Jaśkowiak ahead of Zbigniew Czerwiński

There will be a second round in Poznań – according to the exit poll conducted by the National Research Group for WTK. According to him, the incumbent president won 44.6 percent. votes. In the second round he will face Zbigniew Czerwiński (United Right) – 18.1%. Poll results also show KO's crushing victory in the city council elections.

Poznań 2024 local government elections. Przemysław Plewiński out of the second round

Poznań 2024 local government elections. Przemysław Plewiński out of the second round07/04

Third place went to Przemysław Plewiński (Trzecia Droga) – 14.8 percent, and fourth – with a slight loss – was Beata Urbańska (Nowa Lewica) – 14.4 percent. votes. 8.1% of voters voted for Łukasz Garczewski (Social Poznań). voters.

Gdańsk – knockout in the first round

According to the exit poll results of the local government elections, the incumbent mayor of Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, won in the first round. She won 62.3 percent of the votes.

Gdańsk.  Joy in Aleksandra Dulkiewicz's election staff

Gdańsk. Joy in Aleksandra Dulkiewicz's election staffTVN24

The second result according to the exit poll was obtained by the Law and Justice candidate, Tomasz Rakowski. He got 12.2 percent of the votes. In third place was Andrzej Pecka (6.6 percent of votes). He was a candidate of the “Wspólna Droga” election committee. The committee was created by two groups: Szymon Hołownia's Poland 2050 and Nowa Lewica, as well as the urban movement community.

Katowice – after the elections

The mayor of Katowice, Marcin Krupa, who is fighting for re-election for a third term – according to the Ipsos exit poll – won the race for the mayor of the city in the first round, winning 66.5 percent. votes. In second and third place, with a big loss, was the competition – Leszek Piechota, supported by Law and Justice, was to receive 9.7 percent. votes, and Dawid Durał – 9.4 percent. votes.

There will be no second round in Katowice

There will be no second round in KatowiceTVN24

In Katowice, two more candidates ran for the position of president: Marek Strzałkowski and Jacek Budniok. According to the Ipsos poll, the first one won 7.3 percent. support, and the second 7.1 percent.

Rzeszów – the president wins, but there will be a second round

There will be a second round of elections for the president of Rzeszów. Konrad Fijołek, who is seeking re-election, will face Jacek Strojny (Razem Dla Rzeszowa).

Law and Justice candidate for the president of Rzeszów, Waldemar Szumny

Law and Justice candidate for the president of Rzeszów, Waldemar SzumnyTVN24

The next places were taken by: Law and Justice candidate Waldemar Szumny, Adam Dziedzic from the Polish People's Party, Karolina Pikuła (Confederation) and Janusz Neimer (Poland Jest One).

Main photo source: Grzegorz Celejewski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl, PAP/ART Service

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