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Local elections are a test for the opposition. Michał Wójcik: I think it will be a success

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The Prime Minister announced the date of the local government elections. They are scheduled to take place on April 7. It seems that the fight for votes has already begun. For the democratic coalition, this will be a verification of the support from October. Politicians of the PiS Parliamentary Club want to believe that the next few months will gain them voters.

The local elections will be held in three months – on April 7 and 21. This is an important test for the government coalition and PiS – whether the democratic turn is lasting or whether PiS is rebuilding its support. From a political point of view, provincial assemblies are crucial.

PiS’s goal is to at least maintain its possessions, or even expand them. When PiS was in power, it postponed the local elections from autumn to spring, fearing that the results in large cities might have an unfavorable impact on the results of the parliamentary elections for PiS. PiS won the elections, but lost because it was unable to form a government. Now he is in an even more difficult situation. – In the next few months, when citizens will see how brutally the rule of law is being violated in Poland, I think there will be success in the elections in a few months – emphasizes Michał Wójcik, MP from Sovereign Poland.

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The January demonstration in defense of – as PiS says – freedom of speech is to be a test of support. For now, PiS does not want to link the turnout during this demonstration with the elections.

For the government coalition, the local elections are to be a confirmation of the voters’ verdict of October 15. The Prime Minister does not hide the fact that he is a supporter of the current ruling coalition’s single list in the local assembly elections. However, the Third Way wants to go it alone. – We need to repeat the scenarios that brought victory – says Piotr Zgorzelski, deputy speaker of the Sejm, an MP from PSL-Trzecia Droga.

Donald Tusk on the date of local government elections in April 2024

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It is no secret that PSL activists are reluctant to share places on the lists with Polska 2050. A joint list with KO would be unacceptable. However, the Left is willing.

The Civic Coalition will be in a difficult situation after announcing 100 details for the first 100 days of government and it knows that PiS will absolutely take advantage of it. Even if the Coalition runs separately for the regional assemblies on October 15, candidates for mayors of large cities can count on common support.

On Thursday, the President of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, visited the leaders of all parties in the new ruling coalition – in order to gain broad support. Rafał Trzaskowski can count on this, against whom PiS is to field Tobiasz Bocheński, a former voivode. In Gdańsk, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz is to face Natalia Nitek-Płażyńska from PiS. The situation in Krakow is more complicated, where there may be three important candidates, and Małgorzata Wasserman’s start is not certain.

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