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Local elections in Elbląg 2024. Candidates for president

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Five candidates will fight for the position of mayor of Elbląg (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). The current mayor, Witold Wróblewski, who has been ruling the city continuously since 2014, resigned. Wróblewski supported the candidacy of vice president Michał Missan from the Civic Coalition. In addition to Missan, the following people will compete in the election: Andrzej Śliwka (Law and Justice), Rafał Maszka (KWW Janosik), Stefan Rembelski (KWW Stefan Rembelski “Let’s Make Elbląg Great Again”) and Paweł Rodziewicz (KWW Paweł Rodziewicz “Nowy Elbląg”).

First round of upcoming ones elections local government elections will be held on April 7, and the second on April 21. Poles will then elect councilors of commune (and city) councils, county councils, voivodeship assemblies, as well as presidents, city mayors and commune heads.

In Elbląg, five candidates confirmed their participation in the presidential race. These are: entrepreneur Rafał Maszka, associated with Ruch Palikot in the past, Michał Missan, vice-president of the city from the Civic Coalition, Stefan Rembelski, Paweł Rodziewicz – Municipal Consumer Ombudsman, associated with the Left, and Andrzej Śliwka from Law and Justice. The current president of Elbląg, Witold Wróblewski, announced at a press conference in January that he would not run for re-election in the upcoming elections and supported Missan’s candidacy.

We present the profiles of the candidates for the president of Toruń in alphabetical order.

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Rafał Maszka (KWW Janosik)

Rafał Maszka is an entrepreneur from Elbląg who runs a renovation and construction company. He is 49 years old. In the past, he was associated with Ruch Palikot. Maszka registered his own Electoral Committee of Janosik Voters. Where does this name come from?

– The current authorities are a court, they treat all of us downstairs like puppets. We have nothing to say. That’s why this Janosik, a bit out of spite. Let’s take it from rich politicians and give it to poor people – said Rafał Maszka in an interview with portel.pl.

– Our most important goal is to de-partisan the management of the municipal office in Elbląg. It’s still the same circus, the only thing missing is the clown who gets the biggest applause. These are officials who have been working in their positions for many years and do hard work for managers, he added.

Michał Missan (Civic Coalition)

Michał Missan, who is currently the vice-president of the city, announced that his campaign will be conducted under the election slogan “Only Elbląg”. He also presented the first of the “specifics” that he promised to fulfill if he won.

He announced that he would establish a social consultation office at the city hall, where residents will be able to express their views on matters important to Elbląg. He added that the topic of the first consultations will be public transport. He declared that the local government intends to obtain approximately PLN 150 million in funding from the Eastern Poland program for the renovation of tracks and the purchase of trams.

Missan assured that – if elected – the Elbląg port will be fully operational in the next term. He recalled the declaration recently made by the Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the meeting in Morąg that the issue of the excavation on the Vistula Spit will be completed.

Missan also announced that a dental emergency service will be established in Elbląg. He said he wanted to introduce the so-called resident card, entitling people paying taxes in Elbląg to various reliefs and discounts. During Monday’s start of the election campaign, he also presented KO candidates for councilors.

Michał Missan is the KO candidate for the president of ElblągMichał Missan/Facebook

Michał Missan is the head of local PO structures, a doctor of social sciences, and vice-president of Elbląg for four years. Previously, he worked in emergency medical services for 23 years.

In the 2018 elections, Missan, a candidate from KO, received 19.32% in the first round. votes. The winner was Wróblewski, who – starting from his own committee – defeated Jerzy Wilk from PIS, obtaining 72.01 percent. votes. After the elections, the Elbląg local government was governed by a coalition of the Civic Platform, the Left and KWW Witold Wróblewski with the support of PSL.

Stefan Rembelski (KWW Stefana Rembelski “Let’s Make Elbląg Great Again”)

Stefan Rembelski is 69 years old. He is running in the elections for the mayor of Elbląg from his own committee. In 2018, he ran from Kukiz 15 lists. He obtained 1,407 votes.

Stefan Rembelski is running for president of ElblągStefan Rembelski/Facebook

In his opinion, “the city’s biggest problem is its debt situation.” – We appeal to candidates for the mayor of Elbląg, especially those who work in institutions related to the city, i.e. are paid from taxpayers’ money, to take leave during the campaign. It should be clear whether we are working for taxpayers’ money or during a campaign financed by the election committee, said Stefan Rembelski at a press conference.

Paweł Rodziewicz (KWW Paweł Rodziewicza “Nowy Elbląg”)

Paweł Rodziewicz currently works as the Municipal Consumer Ombudsman in Elbląg. He studied law at the University of Gdańsk. In the last parliamentary elections, he unsuccessfully ran for an MP from the Left list.

In the upcoming elections, he will run from the list of Paweł Rodziewicz’s “Nowy Elbląg” electoral committee.

Paweł Rodziewicz, candidate for president of ElblągPaweł Rodziewicz/Facebook

Andrzej Śliwka (Law and Justice)

Andrzej Śliwka announced his participation in the race for the mayor of Elbląg at the beginning of February. His demands include free transport for residents, parking lots and the construction of a modern stadium.

MP Śliwka was the Deputy Minister of State Assets. In a dispute with the Elbląg local government regarding the port in Elbląg, on behalf of the United Right government, Deputy Minister Śliwka proposed recapitalizing the municipal company operating the port with an amount of PLN 100 million – in exchange for a majority stake – and thus financing the necessary development investments in the port.

Andrzej Śliwka is the PiS candidate for the mayor of ElblągMarcin Obara/PAP

Main photo source: Facebook

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