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Local elections. Paweł Szrot on the president’s consultations regarding the rescheduling of the elections

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The head of Andrzej Duda’s cabinet, Paweł Szrot, informed that in the near future there will probably be consultations with the president on the initiative to postpone the local elections. They are scheduled for the fall of 2023, but a bill is to be submitted to the Sejm on their transfer to spring 2024.

Both the closest local electionsand parliamentary ones fall in the fall of 2023. In early June, representatives PIS – club boss Ryszard Terlecki and the party’s secretary general, Krzysztof Sobolewski, announced the submission of a parliamentary bill on postponement of elections local governments in the spring of 2024. They argued that it was supported by, inter alia, logistic arguments.

President Andrzej Duda said at the time that no one came to him with the initiative to postpone the local elections, but admitted that the fact that the election dates coincided was, in his opinion, a “quite difficult situation”.

Hermeliński: the arguments I hear are not arguments that would be the basis for postponing the local electionsTVN24

The topic returned in early July. Last Thursday, Sobolewski admitted that postponing the local elections to spring 2024 is still being considered. – We want to make a political decision after consultations with the president. Until then, there is no political decision. If consultations with the president are closed with a positive effect, then we will announce the decision, said the PiS politician. When asked when to expect it, he replied that there was not much time left.

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Szrot: I am expecting a meeting between the president and those who will develop the project

So when can we expect consultations on the postponement of elections, with the participation of Andrzej Duda and representatives of the government and PiS? When asked about it, the head of the president’s cabinet, Paweł Szrot, said that he “expects” that the president will meet “with representatives of circles that will draft a bill on this matter” in the near future. – There is still a lot of time to adopt these regulations, for appropriate analyzes and arrangements, so I would be calm here – he added.

Paweł SzrotDarek Delmanowicz / PAP

He pointed out that the arguments for both keeping the election date and postponing the elections were important. – On the one hand, it is good when the term of office ends on the date on which Poles agreed with their representatives in local governments. On the other hand, there are organizational and political issues so that the issues of national politics do not dominate local matters, said Szrot.

Karnowski: Changing the rules during the game spoils the state.  We do not agree to postpone the local elections

Karnowski: Changing the rules during the game spoils the state. We do not agree to postpone the local electionsTVN24

Duda: there is no relevant bill submitted to the Sejm

On Tuesday, the idea of ​​postponing the local elections reported by PiS politicians was asked in an interview for the PlayKraków.news platform President Duda.

The president on postponing the local elections: no one came to me with such an initiative

The president on postponing the local elections: no one came to me with such an initiativeTVN24

He replied that “in this respect he had not been offered anything yet, no concrete solutions had been presented to him, even in the backstage sense”. – Of course, I hear information that various attempts are underway, but I also receive information that in the very heart of today’s United Right, i.e. the ruling camp, the final decision on this subject has not been made either, hence there is no relevant draft submitted to the Sejm yet. the law, he said. He declared that if there was a proposal in this regard, he would look at it very carefully.

As he assessed, if the local elections are overlapped by parliamentary elections, “it will indeed cause a lot of confusion”.

Czarzasty about the idea of ​​postponing local elections

Czarzasty about the idea of ​​postponing local electionsTVN24

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / TOMS KALNINS

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