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Local government elections 2024. Results of the elections to the Masovian assembly

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The National Electoral Commission submitted the final results of the elections to the Masovian assembly. Law and Justice received the greatest support, 33.16 percent of the votes.

On Monday, after 7 p.m., the National Electoral Commission published the results of Sunday's voting on its website after approving the protocols from 100 percent of the precincts.

The largest support in the region was received by Law and Justice, which was voted for 750,998 votes, or 33.16 percent.

The Civic Coalition took second place with support 713,838 voters, i.e. 31.52 percent.

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Third was the Third Way PSL-Polska 2050 committee, for which they voted 374,562 people, which means 16.54 percent.

Only less than 2.4 thousand votes separate the committees of the Left and the Confederation and Non-Party Local Government. They voted for the Left 157,178 people, i.e. 6.94 percent. In turn, the Confederation and Non-Party Local Government were given 154,815 votes, or 6.84 percent.

The Committee of the Nonpartisan Local Government Association received 53,956 votes, which translated into 2.38 percent. support. The remaining committees received less than one percent of the votes.

The turnout in the elections to the provincial assembly in Mazovia was 56.99%, and there are 51 seats to be filled.

What was it like in the previous elections?

In the previous elections to the Masovian Voivodeship assembly in 2018, PiS won, gaining 34.04 percent. votes (24 seats out of 51 councilors). However, this was not enough to take power in Masovia. KO obtained a result of 27.66%. (18 seats), and PSL – 13.15 percent. (8 seats). One seat was won by Nonpartisan Local Government People.

In 2014, PiS won the elections to the Masovian Voivodeship Assembly, obtaining 28.76 percent. support, PSL came second – 25.63 percent. The third place on the podium was taken by PO – 24 percent, and the fourth result was obtained by SLD – 7.1 percent. At that time, PiS had 19 councilors, PSL – 16, PO – 15, and SLD one mandate. However, a coalition of PO and PSL ruled for four years.

Since 2001, Adam Struzik (PSL) has been continuously serving as the Marshal of Mazovia.

Main photo source: Rafał Guz/PAP

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